Ex- EM Press Chair Declares Intention for FeJAL Presidency -Promises to Bring New Ideas for Improvement

MONROVIA: The Former Chairperson of the Executive Mansion Press Corps, Dennise Nimpson has declared her intention to contest the presidency of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL); says the female journalists of the country have faced countless challenges and overcome many obstacles in their quest to ensure a professional media environment.

Addressing a Press conference, Nimpson indicated that her declaration comes following broad-based stakeholders consultative engagements with the media landscape, civil society organizations, Professional colleagues, friends and family.

According to the Former EMPC Chairperson, it is also important to note that her pronouncement is just not another form of participation for the name’s sake, but added that she remains committed to ensuring that FEJAL remains supreme.

Dennise Nimpson, currently the correspondent of the Voice of America (VOA), indicated that her advocacies have amplified the voices of the voiceless on issues affecting women, highlighted the untold stories, and championed the cause of justice and accountability which are attributes of good journalism.

She pledged to work tirelessly to strengthen the FeJAL, to provide opportunities for professional development, and to create a supportive environment where all the members of the association can thrive for better chances for the future.

“I promise to listen to your concerns, to lead by example with integrity, and to be a president who stands by your side every step of the way,” she promised.

Ms. Nimpson averred her vision for the FeJAL presidency is to promote the values of journalism, which focuses on truth telling, equity and fairness, believing that their role as female journalists goes beyond mere reporting; it is about time they collectively work for a positive change in the Association.

She furthered, “These consultations have greatly informed our plans for a new FEJAL and we will do all in our power to make FEJAL a strong, vibrant and efficient auxiliary of the Press Union of Liberia, with the sole objective to protect and defend the wellbeing of female journalists”.

“The Female Journalist Association of Liberia (FEJAL), an auxiliary of the Press Union of Liberia, remains one of the leading groups of journalists that has greatly continue to impact female journalists and at the same time provides a conducive working environment for them to function peacefully” Nimpson added

She stressed, “We must muster the courage today to thank the founders of this great organization for the level of work they have done to bring FeJAL to where it is today. We hope and pray that those vying to occupy such a post must follow their indelible footprints to ensure that the professional foundation they have instituted is the order of the day”.

She also expressed commitment to fostering a culture of empowerment, mentorship, inclusivity, transparency and accountability (EMITA) within FEJAL, noting further, “Our key objective is to bring fresh ideas that will take FeJAL to another level of excellence.

Moreover, she understands the challenges that female journalists often face – from gender biases to threats to our safety, and further promised, “I will advocate for our rights, safety, and equal opportunities within the media industry.”

But she concluded, “We cannot do this alone. It will take the collective efforts of all of us to achieve our goals,” calling upon every member to join hands in this journey towards a brighter future for the Female Journalists Association of Liberia.

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