Establish Criminal Tribunal Justice Group; Says Weah May Be forgotten If…

An International Justice Group the (IJG) based in Washington D. C. has welcomed the courageous calls by the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) and the Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) for the full implementation of all the recommendations of the TRC, including the establishment of an Extraordinary Economic and War Crimes Tribunal for Liberia.
The International Justice Group‘s Executive Director and Chairman of the erstwhile Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Liberia (TRC), Cllr Jerome Verdier, has also expressed delight and lauded the Liberia National Bar Association and the Transitional Justice Working for recognizing the need for entrenching Justice into our body polity.
Cllr. Verdier opined that, President Weah will be an ordinary and failed leader as admiration by the people will soon diminish provided he abides by the full implementation of all the recommendations of the TRC, including the establishment of an Extraordinary Criminal Tribunal for Liberia.
Verdier indicated that Weah will leave office and soon be forgotten as a son of the soil and a “man of the people” without a legacy and a champion “without a cause” if he ignores the implementation of the TRC recommendations including the establishment of a war and economic crimes tribunal in Liberia.
In a Statement from Washington D. C., Cllr Verdier reiterated that the call for the full implementation of all TRC recommendations  is in keeping with law and section 46 of The TRC Act which clearly states that “The Independent Human Rights Commission shall be seized with the responsibility to ensure that all the recommendations contained in the Report of the TRC are implemented and that civil society organizations and moral guarantors of the CPA shall be seized of the responsibility to monitor,  and campaign for the scrupulous implementation of all recommendations  contained in the report”.
He also quoted Section 48 of the TRC Act which also provides that “The Head of State shall report to the National Legislature within three (3) months of receipt of the report of the TRC, and on a quarterly basis thereafter, [shall work towards the] the implementation of the Commission’s Recommendations.
“All recommendations shall be implemented. Where the implementation of any recommendations has not been complied with, the Legislature shall request the Head of State to show cause for such non-compliance,” Cllr. Verdier said.
Chairman Verdier went on to say both the National Legislature and President Weah are in open violation of the laws of Liberia and the Rule of Law principle which places the law far above individuals and institutions created by law.
Verdier said maintaining the Rule of Law is important for maintaining a stable and more peaceful society, and it acts as incentive for attracting international trade, commerce and foreign investments to the Country.
For the Chief Executive, President Weah is in open violation of the law without any plausible excuse or justification, Verdier said is a nonstarter especially for a new government.
The International Justice Group boss said the president and his CDC-controlled Legislature are undermining the viability of the state and setting very wrong precedence for security, stability and peace of the state because soon the citizens will realize that if these important institutions of State are lawless and disrespectful of the laws then they too as citizens have the right to disobey the laws of the land. He also pointed to chaos, a breakdown of law and order and the eventual unraveling of our fledgling democratic process.
The executive director of the IJG noted over the weekend that we should recognize that the international community has long since acknowledged the rule of law above all men is imperative because it stabilizes our environment and societies.
Cllr. Verdier said, It is very Central to maintaining our modern global social, political and economic order, in whose pursuit of which we all must submit to the rule of law whether it pleases us or not or runs contrary to our intrinsic interest.
The learned human rights advocate and outspoken campaigner for social justice and peace said that the Rule of Law is the best hope for peace in Liberia, equity, justice and a civilized society in which the rights of the people are protected and at all times guaranteed.
Verdier said President George Weah and the National Legislature are failing and disappointing the Liberian people too early in their leadership; and that ignoring the Rule of Law is to their own peril because when they stand in need of the law most, the law will fail them, having undermined the law and our institutions of law.
He maintained that the full implementation of all the recommendations of the TRC, including the establishment of an Extraordinary Criminal Tribunal for Liberia is sine qua non to the attainment of sustainable national peace, national unity, national security and national reconciliation in in a non-threatening society that offers equal opportunity to all.
Cllr. Verdier said President Weah must not disappoint the Liberian people. “Too many hopes were hinged to his ascendency. He must take the moral high ground in service to the state and abandon petty parochial interest, recognize that he took an oath and made a sworn declaration to put Liberia first, hold Paramount national interest and uphold the sacrosanct of the Constitution

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