EPA Debunks Witch-hunt Reports -Says Institutional Changes Procedural

In the wake of recent reports that the newly installed Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is unilaterally making changes and demoting staff, the EPA has strongly debunked such reports as baseless and unfounded, stating categorically that all changes made at the institution are consistent with the laws governing the EPA.

According to an EPA press release dated November 1, 2020, media reports and insinuations on social media that several staff were demoted or replaced with associates of former Executive Director, Nathaniel T. Blama are far from the truth and are intended to stir confusion at the scientific institution.

“The EPA clarifies that changes made at EPA are consistent with the laws governing the institution. Furthermore, these changes are intended to realign available expertise and competencies with appropriate tasks, enhance productivity, reinforce our core values, and support our journey towards the efficient and orderly pursuit of our corporate mission,” the EPA said, noting that all those transferred from one department to the other maintained the same grade level.

“Transfer of staff is a normal practice at the EPA and falls in the preview of the Executive Director,” the Agency reassured, noting its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

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