Enough is Enough, Leave Our Standard Bearer Alone

By: Ansumana Solomon


The ill-conceived and unbridled frequency of reckless outburst and baseless uncircumcised rants being spewed out on the social media against the Vice President since her recent interview on State radio are not only diabolical but extremely unpatriotic. These attacks are clearly indicative of the low and ebb of our gullible society least to think of quacks parading as intellectuals.

There will always be hired guns backed by spineless and faceless bigots. It is no doubt that those who are on a campaign bent on distorting the comments of the VP either didn’t listen to the audio or are simply block-headed. Commonsense, it would seem has become so high-priced that useless critics would fail or ignore carefully listen to the recording in order to have an informed appreciation of the nationalistic intent of Madam Vice President’s comments.

Whether we like or dislike her but the first Female Liberian Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor – among others recently declined to support any of candidates in the Bong county senatorial race but urged the voters to vote the nation’s best and brightest candidates of their choice in the impending elections. That was consistent with her inalienable rights after all.

The Vice President is however on record as having reiterated her earlier statement not to support the Candidate on the ticket of the governing Congress for Democratic Change, Senator Henry Yallah. This statement may have ineptly triggered a saddened response from the chairman of the Coalition, Mulbah Morlu, indicating that the mandate of the Party calls for all party members to vote all CDC candidates in the ensuing elections. It is high time chairman Morlu started thinking deeply and rationally.

Like the Vice President has said, the right to vote is the one of most important and fundamental rights of mankind and as such, everyone must exercise that right in the best interest of the country. A call by the Vice President to citizens of Bong to do on voting day what is best cannot be put any better.

Lest we forget, any ill-informed decision to vote all candidates on the CDC ticket as mandated by the party’s chairman is unnationalistic and cannot be honored given the mounting governance issues confronting the country.

The Vice President who remains the face of Bong county is under no obligation to support Senator Yallah, a decision that is in the best interest of the Bong county and its people.

It is unthinkable, mindless, irresponsible and highly laughable especially for social media posts sponsored by top CDC officials – calling for the resignation of the Vice President following her recent statement in the media. It is imperative to note that the Vice President will at no time be cowered into submission from nitwits posing as party stalwarts of the CDC.

Rather than trumpeting insane and poorly guided aspersions calling for the Vice President’s resignation and disciplinary action against her, the governing CDC administration must conscientiously muster the courage by encouraging and inspiring the masses that brought them to power through practical and sustainable initiatives instead sowing seed of discord within its ranks.

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