EJS Harvests from Domestic Farm -Urges Liberians to invest in domestic farming

MONROVIA: After putting in much efforts and exercising patience to bring her project to fruition, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf yesterday, Monday, December 11, 2023, became a proud farmer to harvest from her domestic farm on a space of land right in front of her residence at the Fish Town Community, Sinkor amidst cheers and admiration by family members, friends and others passing by as she physically got involved in the process.

The first democratically elected female President in Liberia and on the African continent who is passionate about farming and being excited about the outcome from her backyard farm urged Liberians to imbibe the spirit of growing what they eat and should seize every opportunity to work for food security no matter the space of land that will be available to them.

“We should not forget the soil but rather make use of it and grow what we get no matter the size of land we have”, an elated Madam Sirleaf said.

Speaking exclusively to The Analyst about what were planted in the farm, Madam Sirleaf who agriculture a key component of her administration said “we grow all kinds of plants beside flowers”.

“When there is water, we grow rice, pepper, bitter balls, egg plants, amongst other things, that means during rainy season we are busy here.

“Everyone should take advantage of the two seasons, when it is dry season you plant something that is good for that particular time.

“I do that every year, sometimes I harvest other products like pineapples, pawpaw, plantain etc. It is good to make garden in your back yard, never forget about the soil.

“This local farming helps you to get access to fresh products. Whether public or private citizen, it is good for everyone to know the importance of agriculture”, she concluded.

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