EJS Broken – First Son James Sirleaf Found Dead

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf gained the moniker “Iron Lady” for her tough veneer even  in the most daunting adversities that spanned over decades of her political career. But for many well-wishers who trooped to Madam Sirleaf’s residence to sympathize with her on the news of her son James Sirleaf’s passing on Wednesday, they saw a completely broken down mother, mourning the passing of her first son.

James, 64, was found dead at his Congo Town residence on Wednesday morning.

According to our reporter who visited the residence of former President Sirleaf following report of her son’s passing; visitors and well-wishers were seen trooping in to sympathize with her.

It was also established by our reporter that the Minister of Justice. Cllr. Frank Musa Dean twice visited Madam Sirleaf’s residence, thus opening up speculation that the family could request an autopsy to ascertain the actual cause of death; family source hinted that the deceased had not complained of any illness in recent time.

A career banking and finance expert, Mr. Sirleaf worked with Citibank/Citigroup Profit Center Management, Branch Operations and Credit.

Mr. Sirleaf was also the former General Manager of First International Bank Liberia, now SIB Bank.

He held an MBA from the University of Liverpool, Post Graduate in E-Business from the University of Westminster England, and a degree in Business Administration. He was also a partner at Monrovia Oil Trading Corporation.

He was never someone who can shy from commenting on critical national issues. Mr.  Sirleaf on several occasions would engage the public; especially on issues that dwelt on misinformation about his mother.

According to close family members, the last five years of his life were restricted to farming, especially the breeding of animals.

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