Efforts Baptist Inducts Pastor Trocon W. Langford

The Efforts Baptist Church in Paynesville, one of the oldest and largest constituent churches within the National Baptist Convention, on Sunday, August 1, 2021, inducted into office Pastor Trocon Wilfred Langford, who was recently re-elected to the position, to serve the church for another four years.

Giving his induction remarks amid joy and thanksgiving from members and other well-wishers who had come to grace the occasion, Senior Pastor Langford reverenced the Almighty God for what He has done for him and his family, adding that the Lord indeed has been faithful to them.

He also thanked the members of the church for giving him the opportunity to serve another four-year term, acknowledging countless congratulatory messages he had been receiving from the members of the Church, friends and well-wishers both at home and abroad.

In a reconciliatory tune, Pastor Langford called on the members of the Church to join him labor for what he called the Vineyard of the Lord, moving forward in strength and passion and unite under a banner to work for the Lord to build the body of Christ (the Church) where members will be concerned to dedicate the lives to serving the Almighty God.

He admonished his congregation: “Let’s build a new testament church. Look in the four pillars of this church and let’s Worship the Lord. We want to build a church that will evangelize the nation, the membership of the church, and build a church that fellowships and supports one another; a Church that will be a community of faith.”

He noted that his prayer is that during this tenure a spiritual New Testament temple will be built, so the members can continue to grow together.

He lauded the relationship existing relationship between the Deacons and Pastor, and thanked the members emphatically for the maximum support he continues to enjoy.

The election and induction of Senior Pastor Langford made him the 16th pastor and the Shepherd that has served the longest so far in the history of the church having served for 12 consecutive years and by the time his new four year tenure expires, he might have served for 16 unbroken years.

His re-elections in successive terms which were greeted with massive endorsements and support were facilitated by his sterling leadership qualities resulting in building the present magnificent edifice and the huge growth in its membership. It is expected that he will do more in the years to come.

Prior to giving his brief induction remarks, the new pastor was showered with gifts and blessings from a cross section of departments in the church as well as family members, friends and well-wishers who had thronged the edifice to grace the occasion.

Earlier, while delivering her first Sunday, August 1, 2021 Sermon to the congregation, which preceded the induction, the Associate Pastor of the Efforts Baptist Church, Monen Duoe, urged Pastor Langford to look on the Lord as the only source of help when he faces distractions which are bound to happen.

“They will complain, there will be the same complain that will come to you, but keep your eyes on Jesus Christ to avoid detractions”, she said, while making a Biblical reference to Philippines to saying, “I am not saying forget your past but press on. Don’t let the past hinders you”.

Admonishing the incoming Pastor to the same office he had been occupying for some 12 years now,  the first female Associate Pastor of the Church further told Pastor Langford to keep his “eyes on Jesus Christ because he is your source of help, and not to depend on man; man will let you down. When the Israelis were fighting the Egyptians, Moses’ hand and his eyes were up to God in prayers. Keep your eyes on God, keep your eyes raised to God”.

She then challenged Pastor Langford: “this fourth tenure will be of challenges, will be tough, but keep your eyes on God”. She reminded the Pastor of Psalm 121, “I lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord. Which made heaven and Earth”, and again urged Langford to look up to the hill, keep your eyes on Jesus, in him you will find love, peace and direction. “You may walk through the valley, keep your eyes on Jesus, he is faithful and righteous.
Also speaking at the occasion, the Chairman of the Vetting Committee, Deacon Jerry Taylor told the Church at the induction ceremony Sunday during regular Sunday worship Service that as required by the Constitution of the Church, the Committee recently conducted a vetting process in order to elect a new Pastor for the Church, and it was during the process that Pastor Langford was reelected as Pastor for the Efforts Baptist Church.

While officially presenting the new pastor to the Congregation, the Chairman of the Deacon Board, Deacon David Suah congratulated him for his reelection and went on to recount the benefits of the stewardship of Pastor Langford among which are the construction of the current edifice of the Church and the sharp increase in the membership of the church.

He challenged Pastor Langford to leverage on his achievements and take the church to a new direction of investing in people as a way of growing the church.

“As you take this gavel of authority from me on behalf this Church, we want for you to look at growing the church beyond the numbers. As we grow in membership, we should grow in genuine investment befitting a church. The story of sower in the Bible suggests that if you sow on a good soil, it will yield you a hundredfold, so let us grow both exponentially and economically. As I look at the faces of the membership of the church, I see the potential of young boys and girls that could be tapped to lead our investment initiative”, he said.

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