THE STATE OF insecurity in the country must have reached an ugly peak last week when it was reported that the ECOWAS Ambassador to Liberia, Madam Josephine Nkrumah wrote the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice alleging that her life was being threatened and called on the government to take an appropriate action in the premise.

IN THE COMMUNICATION, Ambassador Nkrumah stated that a facebook user by the name, Bill Carson commented on the Costa Show on Thursday, March 2, 2023, saying, “I want Jefferson KoiJee to send the Ecowas Ambassador feet then the international community will wake up’, which she “considered a grave threat to my life and raises serious security implications for both the person of the Resident Representative and staff of the ECOWAS Resident Representative Office”.

FROM THE ONSET, let us first roundly condemn this devilish threat on the life of a high profile representation of not less than a special envoy of the regional body, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) from an obvious faceless individual. This cruel threat goes beyond the said individual’s shallow and deranged mindset but a total embarrassment to the image of the citizenry of this country who have no reason to go after a fine diplomat whose role in this country is to ensure that our nascent democracy is sustained through a robust electoral system.

IT IS BECAUSE of this, that besides condemning this cowardly undertaking, we call on the national government to take seize of the matter and launch an intensive investigation that will lead to the arrest of the alleged author of this threat and prosecution with punitive measure taken to serve as a deterrent against other untoward utterances.

THERE ARE FAR reaching implications to this threat and we hope the government is not toying with this pathetic occurrence like in the past where situations of this nature just die natural deaths without any logical conclusion. The first implication is that there are serious insecurity issues in the country that the government has been unable to address to the extent that a purported citizen is so brazen enough to issue a threat for the extermination of a foreign diplomat so as to claim the concern of the international community to issues back home.

THE SECOND IMPLICATION is that beyond a possible failed obligation by the government of the day to provide adequate security to the lives and properties of its citizens, it cannot also guarantee the safety of foreign nationals, including foreign diplomats who are interceding between their governments and institutions on the one hand and the government of Liberia on the other hand.

THE THIRD IMPLICATION is that as we move towards the general election, one of the major discussions that centers around holding a peaceful poll, that is the state of insecurity, is yet to be addressed with foreign diplomats not being factored to enjoy cover with the threats coming from some supposed citizens.

IT IS AGAINST this negative impression about the country and its people outside there in the wake of the myopic thought of threat on the life of Ambassador Nrumah and by extension staff of the ECOWAS Commission as asserted by herself, that we wish to further amplify the urgency of the government to step up its probe so as to unravel the mystery behind this undesirable thought.

WE BELIEVE THIS move when followed up with decisiveness will restore confidence first in the mind of our international development partners such as ECOWAS that has over the years been in the forefront to restore normalcy during the war years as well as to restore democratic governance and consolidate the gains of the return of peace to Liberia. On the second note, it will send out a clear signal that no matter the status of any individual, no act of compromising the security of this country will be tolerated.

WE WISH TO reiterate to the government that it is incumbent upon it not to treat this particular seeming security breach on the life of an international figure with mute indifference but should swing into action urgently and immediately to deal with the situation decisively, an action which could be seen as a demonstration of strength and determination to eliminate any such threats in their infancy.

THIS IS A challenge to the government, to showcase its desire to be taken seriously by the outside world. Act now and redeem the image of the country and its people.

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