Calling on LP Factions to Revert to Sanity—CWB Must Be Weeping

WE ARE JOINING the weeping and wailing partisans of Liberty Party and the family of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine (the late) to send out this passionate call to Chairman Musa Bility and his cohorts on the one hand and Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence and her lackeys on the other: Stop destroying the Liberty Party. Enough is enough. Let sanity reign. The spirit of departed Charles Walker Brumskine deserves peace. The Brumskine family, mainly the widow and Charlyn, his daughter, deserve some respect and peace. Thousands of Liberians who are well-wishers and admirers of Liberty Party and Cllr Brumskine do not deserve the frustration and trauma you have created for them. It’s time you end this fight for the health of the party, the health of the family, and the health of Liberia’s democracy.

HOW THIS CONCERNS us at The Analyst? The health of every political party must concern every devout democrat, even journalists like us. As the family is the basic unit of society, so every political party is the basic unit of multiparty democracy. If the basic unit of the society, the family, is left wayward, fragile and decadent, the larger society is crippled and debauched. This is the same with multipartyism, which strength and veracity are inextricably tied to the strength and health of individual political parties. This cannot be more truthful for the nascent democracy of Liberia, which needs virile, strong and decent political parties for its lifeblood. As a member of the civil society, we take delight in competitive democracy as the fulcrum and underpinning for national stability and peace.

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN the Liberty Party, let alone the larger opposition community, is inimical to our fledgling democratic order that needs strong political groupings—both opposition and ruling—to create the political ecosystem conductive for national stability and lasting peace. If proponents of factions within the Liberty Party weren’t groggy with the trappings of internal party power and authority, they would realize that this party, established by one of Liberia’s erudite jurists and politicians, has got a vital place in consolidating our multiparty democracy.

SINCE 2005, THE LIBERTY PARTY, arguably more than any other political Liberian opposition political party, has taken noble stands in the political multiplex that generated national decisions now serving as reference points and historical antecedents for democratic consolidation. Such a party needed not to drift so lowly to virulent internal hostilities destroying its cherished legacies and the stature of the man who founded it.

OTHERS MAY BE deceived by the argument that Cllr Brumskine was a legally minded person and that had he been alive, he wouldn’t have had problem with the tirades of lawsuits flying all over the place. That’s incorrect. Firstly, Brumskine’s political mission was not about making legalism a batch that would lead to internal disintegration. His political foes were not within. He always ensured that his political behind was clear, peaceful and normal, without complications. Second, he won’t have been so dull and so unintelligible as to allow or leave anomalies and simple compositional glitches that would generate the magnitude of disquiet and conflagrations in his party. And, God forbade, if that happened under his watch, Cllr Brumskine would have eschewed personal ego and hate; he would have exercised prudence, maturity and leadership to settle any consequent mishaps.

UNLIKE CLLR BRUMSKINE, his successors, the contemporary leaders of the great Liberty Party, are given to great obsession of self-interests and conquer-and-rule internal power play, demonstrating improbity and mal-leadership bent towards the disintegration of their own party. And their egos are not allowing them to get sober to do the right thing: allowing sanity to reign.

WE ARE CALLING for sobriety and sanity in the Liberty Party. Let them see the tears of thousands of their partisans. Let them see and be touched by the wailings of the Brumskine family. The real winners of the fight in which they are engaged are not those to get legal, in-court approbation. The real winners, heroes and the real LPists are and will be those who say, “for the sake of our Founding Father, his family and thousands of our partisans, I dropped arms and come to the peace table without precondition.”

THUS, AS THE two main factions meet with the National Elections Commission, we implore Chairman Musa Bility and Political Leader Nyonblee K. Lawrence, and mainly their respective firebrand lackeys, to sit around the judgement table with a sense of humility and human conscience – the only probable solution to the reining quagmire. This is our plea. This is our call to sanity. Remember, ladies and gentlemen of LP, the spirit of Cllr Brumskine is unsettling. He’s watching along with the public to see who the real LPists are and will be.

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