DUMOE LEADS IN BONG? – Taylor factor Favors Menipakei for Senate Seat

An internal poll conducted by a mining giant with interest in Bong County has revealed that the controversial acting Chairman of the Council of Patriots, Mr. Menipakei Dumoe, who is also contesting for the senate seat in Bong County, is hotly favored to win the upcoming midterm elections in the County.

According to a highly placed source from the mining giant who divulged a copy of the internal survey with The Analyst, the poll was done purposely to help the company understand the post-COVID 19 political contexts.

The polls result shows that 46% of registered voters in Bong County intend to vote for Mr. Menipakei Dumoe, who strangely enough, is running a campaign to free former President Charles Taylor from British jail.

Deputy House Speaker Prince Moye came second in the polls, with 34% of the respondents preferring him over every other candidate in the race.

According to the polls result, 12% of the respondents preferred to retain the incumbent, Henry W. Yallah on account of his recent development activities in the county.

The remaining 8% of the respondents preferred other candidates that are contesting the Bong County senate seat.

Speaking to the Analyst under strict conditions of anonymity, the corporate source confided, “it is clear that these days are very crucial times and as the political grounds shift, we want to make sure that our strategic interests are safe and sound”.

Continuing the corporate said: “Our firm has no particular interest nor are we going to be financing any of the candidates, as this would go against Liberian law; but we certainly need to know what is really going on politically in the areas where we work.”

The poll was conducted by two companies from Ghana and Israel and submitted late October to management, according to our source.

Bong County is considered by one of the former Liberian President Charles Taylor’s main political bases. Pundits familiar with the political terrain say Dumoe’s lead is mainly due to his campaign to free Charles Taylor from British jail.

A political science professor from the University of Liberia and Truth Fm political affairs analyst, Thomas Kaydor, recently gave Dumoe the edge on the popular TBS show. “If news of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor’s support for Menipakei Dumoe is true, then he has the edge,” Kaydor concluded.

The news of Dumoe’s rise in the polls is widespread and this leaked poll sheds even more light on what could be a huge upset in Bong County both for the CDC and the CPP.

Interestingly, the polls also found that over 70% of the respondents still love Charles Taylor and would be happy to see him return to Liberia.

While a win for Dumoe will surprise many, the Analyst’s own research shows that both Unity Party and CDC have never won a senatorial seat in the vote-rich county.

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