Dumoe Confirms 2023 Representative Bid -As he Donates to Mosque Construction project In Gbarnga

MONROVIA – A former Senatorial aspirant in the 2020 Special Midterm Senatorial race, Menikapei Dumoe has publicly announced his ambition to contest the representative seat for District #3, Bong County in the ensuing 2023 General election just as he made a generous contribution of LD200k toward the reconstruction of the Gbarnga Central Mosque which has been ongoing for some time now.

“Yes, certainly we are exploring the possibility of moving in the district so as to offer our service. Thousands of our supporters have urged us to step forward to fill the gap, gap in humility, gap in leadership, gap around accountable leadership and we are encouraged. Since 2 or 3 months now as we embarked upon this journey we are in consultation and we will continue”, he said.

Dumoe who broke the long speculation surrounding his political future as 2023 beckons when he paid a visit to the construction site of the new Gbarnga Central mosque said his ambition is gaining traction from the people not because he is a man of means or has built castles all over the place, but because of his character and sense of humility that he has demonstrated for which the people have found in him a worthy servant and reliable individual they can trust and work with.

“The result of our welcome is that our people want to see their resources accounted for, they want to see a leadership that is humble that they can work with for the betterment of the District that is the biggest in Bong County; a leadership that will bring the people together and work for their common destiny.

“So we came this morning, God has blessed us, so we came to contribute to his work with LD$200,000.00 as a special contribution to the work of God and the fostering of the Muslim community in Gbarnga “, he said.

Those who were present during the brief ceremony got the hint of what his message will be after the donation when he said “we are always working for better leadership. As you may be aware we are exploring the possibility of improving leadership like everything can always get better. We are working to improve the quality of leadership in District #3 where people are breaking down, we are building up. Where there is arrogance, we want to strive for humility. The highest level of human beings is when they are humble”, he said.

When asked whether his desire to contest for the seat which is currently being occurred by Melvin Cole who is considered to be a good friend of his having all worked in the office of then Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Dumoe said his aspiration should be far removed from the personal relationship both of them may share as it is inferior to what the entire district wants. He said the focus should be on the loyalty to the community and not what matters with their relationship.

While not being definite to confirm the story trending in the county that he is being supported by powerful political interest in the county including Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Senator Prince Moye and others, Dumoe said his journey into the race is to tap from anyone, even if it is President George Manneh Weah and any other person who subscribes to his vision for a new Bong County because he intends to have an inclusive leadership that will not exclude any one based on political affiliation.

Dumoe who is an ardent supporter of Alexander B. Cummings, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) said it is high time to change the leadership style and broaden its horizon so that one does not restrict people and their association based on political reasons.

The tough talking rising politician said there was no distance from the truth that he is being considered as a consensus candidate picked among others because he has proven to be credible, a man of character and integrity that commands the respect of the people. He promised to provide a purposeful leadership to the people and make sure that he does not betray their trust.

Earlier in his opening address to the Muslim community led by Sheikh Abu Swaray Dumoe said he was at the site of the project because the religious leader and his group are doing the work of God and he was there to make his own contribution, stressing that the mosque when completed like how it was before being demolished, will not only be a place for worship but also serve the community for so many purposes.

He said while in school he was taught that Prophet Muhammed did not only used the mosque to pray, he also used it for so many things be it to strategize or military and in fact led military campaigns from the Mosque and in similar way, there are a lot of benefits that are shared by all from the Mosque.

“This mosque is a central part of our community here. Growing up in the Baowla Quarters, I passed in front of this mosque multiple times, selling cucumbers on the streets of Gbarnga in the early 90’s. So this mosque is a central feature of our community.

Responding on behalf of the Muslim community, Sheikh Swaray said they were happy for the donation and God has a way of making those who are not even Muslims to contribute to the project, naming the Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor as the first politician to make her donation.

He thanked Dumoe for the gesture and told him his contribution will not be in vain as God Himself rewards those who serve him with humility and obey His commandment. He prayed that God would replenish what he had spent.

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