Dr. Tipoteh Solicits Help For Musical Group -To attend competition in South Africa

The Liberian Statesperson, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, who happens to be a Musician as well, is calling on all Liberians and friends of Liberia to give support to the Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) to help get this Musical Group to South Africa to compete in an International Musical Festival in early November this year. Although Dr. Tipoteh regards moral support to be the most important form of support, airline tickets take money and, accordingly, he is calling upon supporters and potential supporters to help in getting LINAM to South Africa, where they will lift Liberia up high through music. As Liberia is part of Africa and the world, Dr. Tipoteh noted that the participation of LINAM at the Festival in South Africa will lift up Africa and the world as well.

Dr. Tipoteh made this call over the weekend when he met with the Liberia Premier Choral Society, the twenty-five singers of LINAM. With the CEO and Conductor Mr. Wilmot Bobbroh, who are to represent the Group in South Africa.

He encouraged the Group morally and financially and told them that the people of Liberia are behind them because the people of Liberia love music. One of the popular songs of LINAM is a song written in the Kpelle language by Dr. Tipoteh. In the words of Dr. Tipoteh, this song, Pahn ga mihnee na boya, invites people to come and listen to what is being sung about how God works because when God works, there is always justice, the only ingredient for peace. Dr. Tipoteh said that when people listen to the voices of LINAM. They will hear music from other parts of Liberia, Africa and the world.

Dr, Tipoteh appeals to all music lovers to contribute through the following bank account: Access Bank account number 0321200790192.

With the millions of music lovers in Liberia, Dr. Tipoteh said that if just one per cent (47,000) of the people of Liberia were to contribute at least LD100, then that amount would be enough to buy the round trip air tickets for the twenty five LINAM singers to go and come back from South Africa. Imagine!

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