Dr. Cassell to Declare Assets Next Week -To demonstrate his transparency

The Vision Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, has taken his belief in transparency, accountability and prudence management of resources to another level when he stated that he will publicly declare his assets and make the information available for anyone who cares to see it next week.

Dr. Cassell made the declaration on Monrovia, June 7, 2021 when he spoke on a live online Spoon FM TV show to speak on a wide range of trending issues in the country.

“Yes, we have said we are going to declare our assets to the Liberian people as a way to show our seriousness on accountability, transparency and prudence management of resources. This is something that you don’t find around here and this is how we have corruption all over the place.

When asked whether he was not taking a risk going alone and not forging alliance with other political parties, Dr. Cassell said he was not ruling out the possibility of forming alliance with other parties of like minds, but for now he has been building up his political institution into a functioning structure. He said this will be a radical departure from what is obtaining right now where most parties just exist on papers but don’t have structure.

He said once he gets that done he will be able to negotiate from a point of strength with other political parties with the view of forming an alliance based on commonality of philosophy and policy.

“Right now is to build up the party and make it a functional institution. We are opening our offices in the 15 counties and organizing the parties in the counties.

Speaking on the issue of corruption in the country, Dr. Cassell who is the First Partisan of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) said there are no two ways about corruption in the country which he described to be systemic. He said though he does not wish to blame anyone specifically, but when it comes to leading the process to put checks to it and taking action to mete out some form of punishment, the government under President George Manneh Weah should be held responsible.

“There is a sheer understanding that there is systemic corruption, but when it comes to who sets the tune, it has to do with leadership. It has to do with how the leader sees the core value of transparency and accountability”, Dr. Cassell.

The philanthropist turned politician said he got the motivation to contest the Presidency based on the general backwardness of the country which has turned a large number of the citizens into poverty. He said everywhere he went in Liberia the problems remained the same from one place to another such as no schools, no water, no basic necessities for conducive living, etc.

He frowned on the continuous presence of what he called recycled politicians who over the years contributed to the spiraling down of the country. He said his party has decided not to do business with such people because the PLP embraces serious change that will give Liberians the real development they need.

The first partisan of the PLP said that when he is elected, though he will probe past leaders, his priority will be to strengthen institutions that will enable the system to work and ward off the vices that continue to plague the country.

He defended having people who are either related or connected to him taking prominent roles in his party, saying that what defines his decision to have some of them around is the trust, confidence and ability of the people to execute tasks faithfully and diligently for the benefit of the party and whatever he undertakes.

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