Dr. Cassell Identifies With Weeping Families Says Mysterious Deaths Bother Everyone

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

A Liberian humanitarian and Political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has identified with a group of crusaders against Secret Killings in the country, saying that his presence at the event was to particularly console and identify with the several families who lost their loved ones in an unexplained manner.

The group, Citizens United against Secret Killings (CUASK) gathered at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Monrovia yesterday, Wednesday, to memorialize fallen patriots, who according to them have lost their lives as result of secret killings.

The service brought together bereaved families, friends, religious groups, student groups, civil society institutions amongst others.

Remarking at the occasion reminiscent of the National Memorial Service for Fallen Patriots, Dr. Cassell said the loss of the life of one Liberian affects all Liberians, and as such, politics should be laid aside because the situation is not about politics, instead, it is about human lives.

“My heart goes to the bereaved families of all these people that have lost their lives. I am here today as a humanitarian that have always been since my return to the motherland about seven years ago, and stand here [attending this] program memorializing the death of Gifty Larma and others,” he lamented.

He continued, “We are here in particular to identify with you all. Because the loss of one Liberian affects all Liberians, let us put politics aside considering that these deaths were not about politics.”

Dr. Cassell noted that the program was about human lives and when one person grieves, we all grieve as Liberian citizens because we are interrelated.

Further remarking on the wave of deaths in the country, the Liberian humanitarian asserted that these mysterious deaths have beclouded the nation. He explained that the unexplained and mysterious deaths bother everyone who cares about the lives of people.

“We have to stand up and be the voice of the voiceless. We have to stand up and identify with these weeping family members of the departed loved ones,” Dr. Cassell bemoaned.

Hear the PLP political leader:” So I am here to identify with all of you who have lost your family members in the tragic way that we all have come to know. May you all find peace in Christ, may you all find solace in Christ. May you all find closure some day in Christ knowing that your loved ones, the departed souls are resting in the bosom of Abraham.  I thank you, and I encourage you to find strength through your prayers and through the comfort of the Holy Spirit”, he concluded.

Also in his remarks, the father of one of the three missing persons, Mr. Robert Blamo, recounted that it has taken Six months and four days exactly since their three boys disappeared, and alleged that the government is fighting and preventing them from having their children.

“Today we have several families who have lost their family members and are crying for justice. This is the result you get when you give men’s job to boys. Our children are missing and we cannot gotten answer from government simply because we gave men job to boys. People are dying mysteriously; there is no protection. We cannot get justice for our children”, Mr. Blamo cried out.

Pointing out that the government is reneging on its responsibility to protect its citizens, Mr. Blamo averred that nowhere and at no time did the families received assistance from duty bearers. He explained that this negligence on the part of the government has turned their families to beggars, saying that instead of the police investigating the whereabouts of our children, “they are tormenting us.”

Blamo further cried out that there is no justice in the country, and therefore called on the international Community to get involved with the investigation of the wave of secret killings across the Liberia. “No justice in Liberia. Our families are grieving.  We are asking the international community to come to our aid.”

The group was seeing carrying banner with inscription “Liberians’ Lives Matter” and named some of those they said have lost their lives as result of secret killings. They named Albert Peters, Gifty Larma, Emmanuel Nyeswah, Safa Boimah, Robert Blamo Jr. Matthew Innis, Odell Sherman and several others.

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