Dr. Cassell Fever Shocks Detractors -Unknown Men Stone PLP Program; One Arrested

The philanthropy and humanitarian gestures of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) vision bearer is not only attracting thousands of citizens to Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and his political institution like magnet to steel, but it appears that certain group of people are getting exceedingly jittery over the bludgeoning popularity of the newest political party on the block and its enigmatic leader, to the extent that when Dr. Cassell and his entourage visited 13 communities in District #4 in Montserrado County on Saturday, September 11, 2021, some unknown men  in their numbers started throwing stones at the visitors.

According to our source, Dr. Cassell had gone to the Soul Clinic Community as a guest of 13 communities in District #4 Montserrado County to meet with community members and provide scholarships to unprivileged children, loan to market women and widows, and to empower motorcycles riders, when the program was rudely interrupted by some unknown men in their numbers who started throwing stones at Dr. Cassell and his delegation.

Unscathed, Dr. Cassell and his team left the ugly scene. In the aftermath, however, this paper has been reliably informed that an arrest has been made, and that the suspect is being held at the Zone 5 police station awaiting investigation.

It can be recalled that Dr. Cassell has being visiting several communities around the country where he donated over L$4 million in cash towards scholarships for indigent/orphaned children, as well as financial assistance to widows and marketers.

The PLP vision bearer has also constructed three bridges, a market building, rehabilitated several kilometers of farm-to-market roads, and constructed a housing estate for low-income earners, as well as cultivated a 650-acre farmland that is expected to employ over three hundred Liberians.

Dr. Cassell’s name is also becoming a household rallying cry for commuters that are benefiting from his Liberation Transport Service that offers cheaper transportation fares across the country, thus compelling the National Transit Authority (NTA) to drop their transport fares.

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