“Don’t Vote UP, CDC” – Charlyne Brumskine Says, “They have Nothing to Offer”

MONROVOA: The Vice Standard Bearer of the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP), Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine says there is no guarantee that the Unity Party (UP) can deliver the country from its present quagmire neither can the Government of Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Manneh Weah do more than it did during its first term.  The CPP Vice Standard Bearer, told a local intellectual Center that “Liberians are pledging allegiance to a government which does not pledge allegiance to you”.

Cllr. Brumskine who said Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is the only alternative in the presidential race implored Liberians to neither vote for President Weah of the CDC  nor Ambassador Boakai of the Unity Party.

“Don’t let them fool you, they have nothing to offer this country” she told the gathering , noting that the Liberia People has issued their mandate against Joseph Boakai’s Unity Party since the 20217  elections while President  Weah’s CDC that was preferred had not performed to deliver promises they made to the Liberian people.

She spoke yesterday, September 6, 2023 on Carey Street when she addressed the Center for Exchange of Intellectual of Opinion (CEIO).  “Our country has found itself economically on a brink. The private sector is dying and the government is performing badly at an alarming rate,” she said.

She noted that the largest employer in the country is the government, a situation which should not be the case as a vibrant private sector envisioned by the Cummings – Brumskine ticket is the way forward for alleviating poverty in the country.

In our setting, Cllr Brumskine indicated, the system that we found ourselves in is worse than or equal to white colonialism reminiscent of Apartheid, which n the South African fought against, adding  “The battle cries in Liberia  today are from South Africa when the revolutionaries were fighting the apartheid regime, a system of colonialism.”

According to Charlene, “Anytime the government increases its operational budget, it’s never [to the benefit of] employees,” stating that the government is killing the private sector thereby making the Liberian people slaves.

“But when you have decided today that you will be critical of the government as civil servants, you and your family will be without a job,” the CPP Vice Standard Bearer intimated.  She wondered why Liberians are applauding a government that has adopted a campaign budget of more than 20 million United States dollars when the country’s health system is rotting without support while the educational system is broken in the face of an extravagant campaign budget by the CDC.

“You will not go from the top of Ducor to King Gray without seeing banners upon banners and billboards scripted on it ‘Weah 2023’. You cannot go anywhere in this country  without seeing a beret and a George Weah rapper in abundance to celebrate and to ensure the victory of one political institution with a campaign budget of  20 million United States dollar  as she said they heard, saying “but I know it’s much more.”

She said the CDC government has been spending extravagantly on its campaign. “I came from Grand Bassa this weekend. The President has gone to Bassa and River Cess where he lavishly spent the cash money in the interior.”

She said the money that should be sending the Liberian children to school is what the CDC campaigners are spending in the interior when the women and children are dying in Grand Bassa because the absence of electricity in the hospital where only private fuel generators are the only source of electricity are what the hospital has been depending on for its operation.

Abhorring the plight of the neglect being exhibited on the only referral hospital for River Cess, Grand Bassa and Margibi County, Charlyne Brumskine disclosed that with the women and children dying in the hospital because of the lack of support, it was Mr. Cummings and he that have given US$12,000 to the hospital for its operation.

“Liberians, Liberians, you are pledging allegiance to a government which does not pledge allegiance to you. I was in Bassa where some women wearing CDC wrappers were asking for assistance from me.”, she said.

The CPP vice flag-bearer further chided the government for the level of illicit drugs that have been peddled in the country, saying that that was how Haiti Started and today the government of Haiti is run by gang members and on drugs law.

She noted that in Haiti, protection, safety and peace have eluded them, accentuating that the same will happen here if Liberians do not take seized of what is happening in this country.

Cllr. Brumskine further wondered how Liberian can be comfortable with a Weah Government that has allotted 12 percent of the national budget to education, apparently referring to neglect the educational system suffers under the Weah regime.

Concerning the Unity Party of Ambassador Joseph Boakai, Cllr. Brumskine said the Result of the 2017 elections that brought President Weah to the Presidency was a mandate of the Liberian people that the Unity Party should not take leadership in this country anymore.

“President Weah overwhelmingly won the Unity Party Government in 2017. For six years Unity Party has not done anything. And we don’t expect the Liberian people to change their mandate even if the CDC Government had not performed,” the CPP candidate said in a spirited tone, asserting that nobody must believe or think that Liberians are fools.”

She intoned that the people have given their mandate that the Unity Party should not be given this country back.  Six years the UP did not present a policy document for the people; Ambassador Boakai had not been called by ECOWAS to address them and concerning their claim to agriculture, I have not seen one plantain, one banana that the Unity Party has produce that will make us to believe that when we give the country they will make Liberia self-sufficient,” the Liberty Party stalwart maintained.

The Unity Party, she said, is only good at propaganda. “Let the Unity Party come to convince us what they are going to do for this country,” she said, pointing out that Mr. Alexander Cummings is the only alternative that can deliver this country from abject poverty, provide job opportunities for the people and improve the finances of the country like he did to the global Coca-Cola entity.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Brumskine dispelled the perception that she is a novice in politicking. “I was with Cllr. Brumskine for a long time. I was his key advisor. We were in the trenches. When we were in Soniwhen, we were always with the masses. Don’t let the intellectual outlook fool you,” she said.

She said the last time she was at that intellectual center was when she accompanied her father, the late Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine to the Center. “I always have emotional reaction when I mention where he was politically,” she added, and noted that the highest confidence anyone can give he is to say she is a reflection of her dad, Cllr.Charles Walker Brumsskine.

“I understood from you that CIEO is not just a place of intellectual exchange, but CIEO is meant to provide humanitarian services to some of the most vulnerable and the most needed in this community.  For that you have my commitment to do everything to support the needs of this institution. “

The CPP recalled that the CEIO leadership had told her that the organization has a rental problem and that its rent is due the middle of this month in the amount of 1,200, assuring the group, “We will pay”

The CPP vice Standard Bearer then pledged to contribute 800 USD towards the humanitarian efforts of CEIO and I hope “Mr. Cummings and I can adopt a day where we will feed everyone who comes to see you.”

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