“Don’t Use Nimba To Divide The People” -Koijee Warns Against “ Selfish Politicians”

By Stephen G. Fellajuah
MONROVIA – Against the backdrop of reported disenchantment among citizens of Nimba County which could lead to rejecting President George Manneh Weah at the polls in the ensuing general election, the Secretary General of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC), Jefferson Tamba Koijee, has warned “selfish politicians” who are bent on using Nimba County to blow the embers of division and hatred in the country, stressing that there was a need to promote national unity that will benefit the country and its people.
The CDC Secretary General made the statement over the weekend when he served as proxy of President Weah who was earlier slated to attend an endorsement program in Saclepie, Nimba County organized by the citizen of the District and its environs but could not be attended by the President after prominent citizens including Senator Prince Yormie Johnson, had called on the citizens to boycott the event for allegedly marginalization of the people and non-adhering to the agreement with the citizens by President Weah after he was given massive support during the second round of 2017 general election. He said he was taken aback when people try to find reasons that government jobs are given to a particular region of people, saying Nimba should not be a place where people spread message of division in the country.
“We know the trouble this country has suffered in the past. We started here with Congo and Native and we know to where extent that perception and thinking landed this country. The same thinking they want to use to divide Nimba. Let us stop.
“Let us rise to the occasion to speak to the sons and daughters who are beginning to have such mind set. Let lies not be used to divide our country, that you get job base on region or tribe”, he stated.
He argued that whether “you are from the East, North, South or West we are all Liberians and let our conversation be Liberians”, stressing that “those who have jobs are not foreigners, but Liberians adding that he believes once you are a Liberian and capable you must be given the chance to serve your country”.
“Someone just gave me statistics with names and contacts here that we have close to 40 Nimbaians occupying key government positions, I did not know that”, the CDC SG added.
Speaking further, Koijee who is also the City Major of Monrovia, said all the officials of the county should find different reasons and not to use their personal reasons to make Nimbaians appear as people involved with division, stressing “Do not make them to appear that they do not support other counties.”
“Let us stop using message of division in our country. This country has suffered so much. When you divide the country only individuals benefit. Division do not benefit the collective interest of the people”, Koijee said.
He also said that those government officials who have served for 18 years that they are not the only sons of the county and called on them to relinquish their seats and give others the chance.
“After your 18 years step back and give others the chance and provide guidance for them and stop causing division in the county”, he said, and challenged Nimbaians to make decisions on the results of the national development agenda of the government, including the construction of roads in the county.
It can be recalled that on Sunday, January 15, 2023 while delivering his sermon at his church, Senator Prince Johnson called on the government of Liberia to pay money owed the county “before you talking about petitioning President Weah”.
The Nimba County Senator revealed that he shunned what he called petition ceremony of President George Weah over the weekend in Nimba County due to the government’s refusal to pay money owed the County.
Delivering Sunday’s Sermon at his Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry, the leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, said the government owes Nimba County 7.5 million United Dollars given by companies operating in the county.
Senator Johnson indicated that such money owed by the government must be paid in order for County Authority to cater to the needs of the affected communities in the County.
He expressed serious disappointment in some County officials who mobilized people for the petition ceremony of President Weah re-election in Seclapia Nimba County over the weekend.
“Pay our money first before you talk about petition “, Senator Johnson told the congregation.

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