“Don’t Sell Your Vote! Don’t Mortgage Your Future” -Musa Bility Cautions Liberians

MONROVIA – The National Campaign Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Musa Bility, has cautioned Liberians against continuous mortgaging of the country’s future by electing incompetent, corrupt and unfit politicians for short-term pecuniary benefits.

The Nimba County District #7 representative aspirant said Liberia is 175 years old, but its citizens continue to suffer and complain about the lack of electricity, pipe-born water, good roads network, improved health care service and other basic social services, because Liberians have always sold their votes to the highest buyers, ignoring future consequences.

He said it was regrettable that instead of electing competent and qualified Liberians with proven records of excellent performance and achievements, Liberians will vote for inept and failed politicians for selfish gains, with no remorse of conscience.

Bility made the assertions during a town hall meeting organized in Zuolay Clan, Nimba County as part of a program for the visit of the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander Cummings from February 28 – March 3.

Bility said after a careful evaluation of the three leading Presidential contenders, he is convinced that Mr. Alexander Cummings will make a great president because he is capable of resuscitating the ailing economy and lifting Liberians out of poverty.

The petrol business tycoon said Cummings has an enviable world record of achievements as an efficient and upright businessman and technocrat, unlike former Vice President Joseph Boakai and President George Weah who both have been tried and tested and emerged with poor performance reports.

Bility warned Liberians of grave economic consequences should Liberians repeat the mistake of re-electing President Weah or revert to electing Mr. Boakai as President.

“Don’t be taken away by the few dollars, or the highest giver, because the CDC government has the capacity to print any amount to give you, in order to stay in power, while you continue to suffer the lack of basic social services necessary to improve your livelihood,” Bility warned Liberians.

Youths constitute about 60 percent of Liberia’s voting population, and are often susceptible to bribery and selling their votes to the highest bidder.

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