“Don’t Put Liberia in Runoff Election” –McGill -Says Runoff Budget Can Support Development

MONROVIA: Margibi County senatorial hopeful Nathaniel Falo McGill over the weekend took Kakata City by a tidal wave as thousands of youths thronged the city on Saturday, July 8, 2023 to welcome the man who is expected to take them to greener pastures on October 10, 2023. Amidst wild fanfare by the country’s top performing artists led by Takun-J, McGill led the charge during the official launch of the Porcupine Brigade as he called on Margibians to make the October polls a one-round event because the country cannot afford to spend much needed resources on a run-off which he said would cost Liberia another US$40 million, aside from the US$65 million that is urgently needed to conduct the presidential and general elections.

“As you know, we have three major political parties, and I know the candidates are going to be more. But Liberia has to spend US$65 million to conduct the election. The country is struggling to find that US$65 million. If you put the country in the second round, it will cost the country an additional US$40 million. We don’t have that money. We are supposed to use that money to build CH Rennie Hospital. We can use that money to pay your school fees. We can use that money to build your roads,” aspirant McGill beseeched the multitude of youths, mostly students whose welfare had been on McGill’s front burner long before he declared his intention to run for the Margibi senate seat.

“Let me say to you Margibi citizens, no one should fool you. It’s going to be tough. Life is not easy. If you don’t face struggles in life, you will never make it. It is going to be tough, but in the struggle, God is going to reveal himself. I want to make one promise to you. Campaign speech time is when we make campaign speeches.

“But I want to promise you. The new Margibi we are trying to build is the Margibi that will ensure that we give students priority. We want to make sure that you go to school. According to Article 6 of our Constitution, the government of Liberia is supposed to provide mass education for all of its citizens. So, I am making this promise to you, Margibians, that education will be our priority. I will make sure that no public school student will ever pay school fees while you are going to school.

“Because private schools have become business and their school fees are extremely high, I will make sure that the government reduces private school fees so our children can go to school. This is my promise. But I cannot do it alone. I have to do it with a president that will listen to me. So, I want to appeal to you; if you trust me and want to give me authority, I want to ask you that I can’t do it alone. I want to be able to walk into the office of the president; I want to be able to walk into the room of the president, and I say to the President, ‘I made a commitment to the citizens of Margibi that in my first year, CH Rennie will be rebuilt’. I do not say things that I will not do. CH Rennie will be rebuilt better than before. But I can’t do it alone. I need a president who will listen to me; and I know only one person.

“We know President Weah is not perfect. President Weah has plenty of problems and all the Liberian issues that he has to deal with. The problems are enormous. He will not solve all of the problems of Liberia. He will do some, and leave some for the next president. Margibi, we are marching to victory. We are marching to development. By November 2023. When I am announced as the winner we will start building roads in Margibi County. RIA road is in Margibi. That road is going to be built. Margibi is going to be a shining light,” McGill said, promising to ensure that in the next six years all the major streets in Kakata will be paved with street lights.

“We are going to make history together. Today, I can see victory at the tunnel,” McGill said.

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