“Don’t Play with Integrity of the Elections” -CPP Chair Cummings Warns Against Cheating -Says Opposition Poll Watchers Are Prepared

With the senatorial elections and the vote for the national referendum just three days closer, the Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings, is seriously warning the government of Liberia to protect the integrity of the elections by avoiding fraud and cheating in the December 8, 2020 midterm elections. Cummings said the integrity of the elections is the hands of the government to protect and hopes that President Weah and his team do their homework.

“We accept the fact that the elections will be held on December 8, although there are all types of challenges including the competency of the members of the Elections Commission, but the elections will be held. We believe we have the strongest candidates across the country, five of whom are women. The CDC has all male candidates even though half of the population in this country are women. We’re not 50% there yet, but we’re proud that we’re over 30%, and they’re all strong candidates.

“We call on the government to make sure the election is free, fair and transparent. We do have serious concerns about that, but at the end of the day, it is in the hands of the government to protect the integrity of the elections, to protect the prosperity in our country. And we are hopeful that President Weah and his team will actually do their work,” Mr. Cummings said Thursday when he appeared on a local radio talk show.

Speaking on the Sky FM 50-50 Talk Show yesterday, Mr. Cumming disclosed that the opposition CPP is now focused on poll watching as the campaign winds down and candidates are closing their events. “I am leaving here to go to Bomi to support Sando Johnson in his closing event; on Sunday, Senator Nyonblee is having hers in Grand Bassa, Dillon is having his here; but the focus now is on poll watching to protect the integrity of the ballot. Our candidates are as prepared as they can be,” Cummings enthused.

The Referendum

Regarding the controversial referendum, Cummings said it is very clear that the form and manner in which the referendum is being executed is wrong and incorrect.

“Good education has not taken place. For example, the symbols that are supposed to be used to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, were issued on Tuesday of this week. How will be people in the remotest areas know what is yes and what is no? what is small chair and big chair? What is sun and the umbrella? What is two passports or one passport?” the opposition strongman wondered.

He said the most important thing part about the questionable referendum is that it is not just the political parties that are calling for its postponement. “It is the civil society, including the National Bar Association, the various groups, the Press Union of Liberia, the list goes on. I don’t know why there is this rush. The pace at which this process is being forced should not be dictated by either NEC or the Ministry of State. The people should dictate the pace, we should be following the constitution, following the rules of this country; and I don’t know why there is this rush to do this thing,” Cummings said.

“To be clear, we are not against some of the referendum items. We want the president’s term to be reduced. We’re not against dual citizenship, no. But as a country, at some point, we have to start to do things right. We should stop making excuses to let things slide. People rape our daughters; we say let it go. People steal, we say let it go. We cannot keep letting it go! That is why after 137 years, this country is where it is. We cannot keep doing the same things. At some point we have to take a stand. So we’re saying to our supporters, do not participate in the referendum. Vote for your senators, don’t vote for the referendum. I want the NEC, the Minister of State, the President to understand the other side of this. Let’s be realistic and practical,” Mr. Cummings advised.

Regarding the president’s recent statement in Central Liberia when he warned about punishing his officials who fail to vote on the referendum, Cummings said he doesn’t see how that is practical, “except President Weah would know what is happening in the booth!”

Following up on the president’s statement, Chairman Cummings said the NEC Commissioners are not only inexperienced but are partisans, revealing that the present Commissioner was nominated by the CDC during the Ellen regime when political parties were asked to nominate commissioners.

Mr. Cummings assured Liberians that the CPP candidates are much more formidable than those of the ruling party, giving specific reference to Senator Abraham Darius Dillon sterling performance in Montserrado that saw him clinching the votes from the CDC stronghold in 2019.

Cummings said there is no way that the ruling party’s candidate, District #5 Representative Thomas Fallah can win Senator Darius Dillon.

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