“Don’t Bully Your Way to the Executive Mansion!!!” -Taa Wongbe Warns UP; Claims Nimba D-9 Vote Could Sway

MONROVIA: As Liberians go to the polls on Tuesday, November 14 to vote for their leaders in the runoff presidential elections, pundits are conjecturing that the tide in Nimba County could turn against the opposition Unity Party Alliance, especially in District #9 where independent candidate Taa Z. Wongbe, who topped nine other candidates to win the coveted representative seat in the just-ended October 10 legislative elections, is sending strong signals that his supporters and other independent-minded Nimbaians within the district are keen on voting against the Joseph Boakai-Jeremiah Koung ticket due to toxic, bullying comments from the UP/MDR camp against those who have decided to remain neutral in the runoff.

Making his position known last evening in one of his many random social media posts, Nimba County District #9 Representative-elect Wongbe disclosed how he has been lately threatened by anonymous callers all because of his neutral stance in the runoff elections.

“Very early this morning, I received a call from what seemed to be an internet or blocked call because the call had “no ID”. I must admit that I am still getting used to answering random calls, but I answered and it was a guy. He said his name was “Justin” and long story short, he pretty much threatened me for my decision to be neutral in these elections and said I should have endorsed UP/MDR because I am from Nimba and my mother is from Lofa. He made a lot of threats and nasty comments.

“I gave him a piece of my mind, but I felt this is quite sickening! I want to make this clear that I stand firm on my decision, and no amount of threats or collective bullying will ever change my stance. The notion that some folks from UP/MDR feel that anyone who doesn’t support them is less patriotic is simply pathetic. A strong candidate with the right message, strategy, and some financial support will win; not threats! In fact, this could have an adverse effect!” Representative-elect Taa Wongbe stated.

According to Wongbe, the threats from the supposed UP/MDR supporters could have an adverse effect on political developments in District 9, as he admitted that some of his supporters are being threatened in the district because of their support to his just-ended electoral campaign.

“In fact, Zuotuo has been traditionally locked down for this same issue. These supporters are telling my supporters that if UP/MDR wins, the MDR candidate that lost the election will be appointed and will suppress them. Because of this, some supporters are taking a hard line that they will vote against UP/MDR or not vote at all! Many people in the district know that this is happening especially in Zeonghen, Zuotuo, Ziah 1 and Ziah 2. “You cannot bully your way to the Execution Mansion…you need to work for it and earn people’s trust!” Wongbe warned.

Why he’s neutral

According to Mr. Wongbe, his decision to remain neutral in the runoff elections is based on what he sees as the difficulty in making a decision between two evil forces.

Taking to his social media page recently, this is what Taa had to say: “This runoff is basically between a bunch of incompetent and unsophisticated criminals fighting to retain state power VS semi-competent desperate and arrogant sophisticated criminals hungry to retake state power. The former doesn’t have much governance experience and will embezzle petty cash. The latter has some competence to govern, but will steal and embezzle $1B and give you an audit report with receipts and justifications. Those are the choices the Liberian people have going into this runoff.”

Ben Augustine Tosiah is one of the many Taa Wongbe supporters from Zuotuo in District #9 who spoke with our Nimba County correspondent in an attempt to verify the claims from his Representative-elect.

According to Mr. Tosiah, the marginalization from the UP/MDR community leaders has compelled them to take a strong decision, even though their leader Taa Wongbe says he will remain neutral in the runoff elections.

“Even in Zuotuo, we are 115 Nimbaians that voted for Taa Wongbe. For this reason, the community which is largely composed of those who voted for the Unity Party and MDR always go against us in meetings. I am appealing to all of us in District #9 that the campaign time is over, and our leader is Taa Wongbe. We have to reconcile and see what best we can do for our district, instead of intensifying conflict within our communities against anyone who voted for Taa Wongbe. This is wrong. It will make us go against our leader and vote for CDC in the runoff,” Tosiah said.

Avon Kwarwon Korlay Doe is a staunch supporter of Representative-elect Taa Z. Wongbe. Doe says he sincerely believes that the UP/MDR ticket is pushing them to inch closer towards the CDC in the runoff elections based on the sort of negative comments and treatment that supporters of Wongbe keep receiving from the Unity Party folks.

It can be recalled that development indicator expert Taa Z. Wongbe who ran on the independent ticket clinched 6,538 of the total 22,164 votes, making him winner among 10 candidates in Nimba County District #9.

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