Don’t Bow to Peer Pressure -Dillon Advised; Still Wants Cut in Senators’ Salary

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

With Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon critical of the exorbitant salaries being paid legislators which he said is a way of denying the people basic development initiatives, teachers at the Borough of New Kru Town Croton implores him to keep on the path of being people-centered senator and never to bow to peer pressure.

Receiving a three-in-one printer donated to them by Senator Dillon, a spokesman of the Borough School Teachers Association (BOSTA), Mr. Nyankun Togba, lauded Senator Dillon for the effort made thus far to secure a printer for teachers of the Borough which the senator said he secured through his friend Emmanuel Wettie.

Mr. Togba said on behalf of the teachers that the gesture by Senator Dillon will help the schools operating in the Borough of New Kru Town to save the money they were spending for the running and printing of their tests.

Assuring Senator Dillon that the machine will be used for the intended purpose, Togba called on the senator to continue on the path on which Liberians elected him and not to bow to peer pressure.

Addressing the teachers when he made the donation, the Liberty Party stalwart said he believes that there should still be cut in the salaries of members of the National Legislature. Senator Dillon also promised to continue the fight against using legislative offices for self-enrichment, adding that when re-elected during the mid-term senatorial election which is scheduled to take place this year he will continue efforts at transforming the National Legislature.

He maintained that the election of 16 principled minded senators to the Upper House during this mid-term election will mean a lot for the people of Liberia to experience transformation in the senate and the governance process in the country, noting that members of the Liberian legislature make more money at the detriment of the suffering masses.

He advised his colleagues to be of service t5o9 their constituents and not necessarily be servants to get rich at the expense of those they are serving, but rather to promote development and the agenda of good governance.

The Montserrado County Senator made the assertion Wednesday, January 22, 2020 in the Borough of New Kru Town when he presented a three-in-one printer to the Borough Schools Teachers Association.

Dillon said it is incumbent upon members of the legislature to work at the will and pleasure of the masses just as those in the executive are working at the will and pleasure of the president, adding that instead the legislators are exploit the country’s resources the people should be benefiting from, enriching themselves at the expense of the masses contrary to the mandate given them.

The Montserrado County Senator furthered said that if Liberians can elect 16 or more sincere and patriotic senators at the Liberian senate, there will be change in the country. He justifies his statement by saying that this is because they would not allow anti-masses law to be passed and will not confirm unqualified and corrupt officials nominated by the president.

He added that his fight for reduction in the legislators’ salaries will continue until it reaches a level that will not deny Liberians of major developmental opportunities.

He further that following his election in July 2019, he was taking on a tour across the county to appreciate the citizens for electing him as senator of Montserrado. During the tour, Senator Dillon said during the tour, teachers of the Borough made a request that they were faced with challenges in printing their tests and other major documents.

According to him, while the teachers were making their request for a printer, one of his friends, Emmanuel Wettie, in the United States of America was watching the live Facebook video after which Wettie place a call to the senator and told him that he would purchase the printer for the teachers.

Senator Dillon noted that upon his arrival in the States, Emmanuel Wettie then drove to him with the sum of eight hundred United States Dollars (800USD) intended to purchase the printer, but has bought it in Monrovia for Five Hundred United States Dollars (500USD), leaving with him three Hundred United States dollars which he presented to the teachers in check.

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