Disrupted Power Supply Affects Jan’eh Trial

By Sallu K Swaray

The breakdown of regular electricity supply at the Capitol Building yesterday disrupted the ongoing impeachment trial of Associate Justice Kabineh Jan’eh as the main joint chambers of the new building was rendered dark, heated and uncomfortable for the hearing.

Our capitol building correspondent said the power outage occurred while the trail was at its middle stage for the day at which time senators were seeing leaving the chambers apparently as a result of the unpleasant condition rendered the chambers.

Some Senators were heard complaining of the unpleasant condition of the hall, especially the condition of poor visibility and high temperature conditions which made the chamber unbearable for continuation of the impeachment trial.

Suddenly, the Presiding officer and officials of the Senate were seeing hurrying outside the chamber while spectators who had converged where hurrying downward.

As everyone was in the mood of leaving the Chambers, so Justice Jan’eh and his lawyers as well with all others left the chamber.  Later after awaiting electricity which could not come after hours, authorities conducting the trials told Senators that the trial was postponed to today, Thursday, March 7, 2018.

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