Dismissed EPS Agents Issue Security Threats -As police Arrest and Detain Seven Pending Probe

MONROVIA: Apprehension heightened in parts of Monrovia yesterday, Thursday, April 18, 2024 when news broke out that some 300 dismissed officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) issued a harsh ultimatum to the Government to pay them off or be confronted with a mass protest action in demand of their benefits.

The officers who are usually entrusted with the protection of the President and his family are demanding their compensation, which they believe they rightfully deserve, thereby threatening drastic action against the government if their demands were not met within a week.

Affirming their threats, one of them identified as James Kelly yesterday appeared on the Voice of Liberia Radio assuring their preparedness to cause confusion if they were not paid off, bragging that “As I am speaking now, I have my weapon with me.”

He said since the Director of the Executive Protection Service, Mr. Same Gaye, was confirmed by the Senate to assume the portfolio of Executive Director of the EPS “he has not reached down to HQ to where we work.”

Instead, Kelly indicated, “He’s always on the Fourth Floor of the Executive Mansion because he knows his statement towards the country was not legitimate so the fear is in him.”

The dismissed EPS officer continued, “So what he does now is he uses his SA, who is Erasmus, to do his job.” SA is an abbreviation of Special Assistant, and Kelly was sending the information that Director Gaye has been stationary on the 4th Floor of the Executive Mansion out of fear, apparently for dismissing them.

Asked whether all 300 dismissed officers were bearing their weapons despite their dismissal, he answered in the affirmative and further denied that they were on the run with their weapons.

“For me, I am not on the run because I am fully prepared for any eventuality. Any attempt, I will not relent, I will strongly retaliate; I am fully prepared,” Kelly bragged as he opened his khaki jacket to show a pistol on his side to the Voice of Liberia Journalists that were interviewing him.

He stated that all of them, the dismissed EPS officers, were prepared to take any action if Sam Gaye is not prepared to pay them off, stating that they should calculate how much they have to pay him.

“For me, I make USD300 and LD14, 000. So if you employ me and you say I am dismissed, it means you break the contract with me. So, that is you are the one who need to pay me. If I resign, then that means I break the contract with you. So I have to go empty. In this case, he dismissed me and for no reason too, so he has to pay me off. With the USD300USD and the LD14,000 you have to do the calculation to know what to pay me,” he lamented.

Asked whether the EPS authorities refused to pay them, he affirmed, “O yes, they only asked for ID card and give you a letter, tell you to go.  They never cared to ask for the weapon, they did not care for anything. Even if they asked for the weapon, they will not get it,” he concluded.

However, little did he know that the station was being surrounded by armed police while he was bragging in studio dismissed EPS Officer was immediately arrested as soon as he stepped out of the station and risked to the National Police Headquarters.

Notwithstanding, a report by a local online outlet has disclosed that a group of 300 Executive Protective Service (EPS) officers, dismissed by the Executive Mansion, has issued a stern ultimatum to the Joseph Nyuma Boakai Government.

These officers, the report noted, are in demand of their compensation which they said they believe they rightfully deserve, giving a week to take drastic action if their demands are unmet.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police yesterday announced the arrest and investigation of seven alleged Former Executive Protection Service (EPS) Agents for their involvement in an illegal protest and setting up roadblocks and terroristic threats.

A press release on the social media page of the outlet says “Early Thursday morning, persons claiming to be dismissed Agents of the EPS were seen agitating, demonstrating and blocking the ways, thereby preventing the movement of other residents and businesses in front of the Voice of Liberia Radio station (104.1 FM) in demand of their reinstatements.”

Those arrested include J. Frank Hope, 43; Nathaniel S. Toe, 43; and Andy P. Yancy, 47. The rest are Samuel Reeves, 44. Anthony Mccrowsey, 39, James Kelly, 32, and Augustine Glealeh, 29.

Accordingly, the LNP further disclosed that the alleged former EPS Agents are currently detained at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police, undergoing investigation.

In another development, the LNP has disrobed four of its officers and are being investigated through the Professional Standards Division (PSD) for their alleged involvement in a homicide incident in 72nd community, Paynesville, during the early morning hours of April 17, 2024.

The decision of the LNP Administration stemmed from claims emanating from family sources that the arresting officers of suspect James Boima used excessive force on their deceased family member, Austin Yarkpawolo, uncle of the suspect which subsequently resulted in his death.

The investigation, the LNP release explained, seeks to establish facts surrounding the death of the deceased victim with appropriate actions taken where necessary by the administration of the Liberia National Police, assuring all to remain calm, as justice will be served.


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