“Disingenuous!” -Bility Reacts; Threatens Legal Action Against Nyonblee -Says LP Has No Political Leader

MONROVIA : In the wake of Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee-Lawrence’s unexpected endorsement of the Boakai-Koung ticket on Sunday, May 14, 2023 in Buchanan City, Liberty Party (LP) and Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) National Chairman Musa Hassan Bility says the Liberty Party will take the appropriate legal action to ensure that Senator Lawrence never stands and speaks anywhere as Political Leader of the Liberty Party because she no longer holds that position.

“As far as Senator Lawrence is concerned, she’s disregarded the court ruling. The Liberty Party no longer has a political leader and she continues to call herself so, in complete violation and disobedience to the Supreme Court ruling. We will take advantage of the law to make sure that such doesn’t happen again. She has violated the Liberty Party constitution, she disobeyed the Supreme Court, and therefore, we will take advantage of the law,” Mr. Bility averred.

According to Bility when he appeared as a guest on Spoon Talk on Sunday, Nyonblee’s endorsement of the Boakai-Koung ticket was anticipated, but it was disingenuous both on the part of Senator Lawrence and the Unity Party.

“We anticipated what happened in Buchanan. We are going to an election, where at some point in time the opposition will need each other. A blatant violation of the law just because you want to score political points is not going to help unification. The Liberty Party will take the appropriate legal action to make sure that Senator Lawrence will no longer be able to stand and speak anywhere.

“The Unity Party has been an accomplice to this violation by Senator Lawrence, knowing fully well that Liberty Party is in the CPP; knowing fully well that the highest court in the land has ruled against Senator Lawrence, therefore legitimizing all actions against her; fully cognizant of those and yet continues to help her to violate the law and disobey the constitution; wherein Senator Dillon has even asked people not to regard the Supreme Court decision.

“The point I am making as far as the Unity Party is concerned, is that it is a political point I am making for them because eventually it’s going to hurt them in the opposition, whether we like it or not. There will come a time where the opposition will be forced to sit together. And that is the point where the Unity Party is in the position where it will need the opposition. This is not the way to behave.

We are not going to sue the Unity Party. As far as the Unity Party is concerned, they are making a political mistake. They are not helping themselves. No opposition party should engage in such affront to another opposition party in an election where it is clear that the opposition will need each other at some point, Bility stated emphatically about the Unity Party’s condoning of Senator Lawrence’s endorsement of the Boakai-Koung ticket under the banner of political leader of the Liberty Party.

With regards to statements made by the Grand Bassa County senator that Mr. Cummings and his Alternative National Congress (ANC) has recently sought her to become Cummings’ running mate, Bility said that as far as he is concerned, the CPP was not chasing Nyonblee.

“If Nyonblee was approached by Mr. Cummings, who was at that time the presumptive nominee for the Standard Bearership of the CPP, and is required to have a running mate, and was asking individuals to be his running mate, that is Mr. Cummings’ prerogative. The CPP was not chasing behind her. I was not aware that the CPP was running behind her. I know that there was a conversation between Mr. Cummings and Senator Karnga-Lawrence, Bility averred.

He went further to state that the Cummings in fact did not go contrary to the amended CPP Framework Document when he asked Senator Karnga-Lawrence to be his running mate.

“When the Supreme Court ordered the other parties that they are free to leave, we reframed the CPP document, pronounced Mr. Cummings as the presumptive nominee for the presidential candidate, and also that framework document gives him free hand to choose whoever he wants to pick as his running mate. According to the CPP framework document, he doesn’t need any approval from anybody to choose his running mate,” Bility stated categorically.

It can be recalled that Senator Karnga-Lawrence on Sunday, May 14, 2023 endorsed the Boakai-Koung ticket that would see Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung running as Presidential and Vice Presidential aspirants for the October 10, 2023 elections.

Nyonblee had stated during her endorsement pronouncement that although Mr. Cummings had courted her to become his running mate, she could not conscientiously consent due to what she perceived as Mr. Bility’s war to destabilize the Liberty Party and undermine her authority as Political Leader.

“In relation to Mr. Cummings’ ANC, we do not see it necessary to form a political alliance at this time. We believe actors on our national political stage must have a deeper self-examination of trending political events that could lend themselves to political collaboration or the reverse thereof.  In Liberty Party’s specific case, it would be a deviation and indeed a betrayal of the trust and confidence of our thousands of partisans to unwittingly find the Political Leader sitting on the ticket with Mr. Cummings in light of his unending support to the man whose desire is to render Liberty Party politically paralyzed and divided. As a matter of fact, Mr. Bility is recalcitrant that he does not recognize the authority of the Political Leadership of the Liberty Party, something that the ANC, through its actions and inactions, tacitly supported and concretized all along, thereby rendering his belated attempt to change course to have limited effect.

“What is even more disturbing and unconscionable is the fact that the ANC folks are inclined to believe that the only way we could gain control of LP is to accept the running mate slot, and every other thing will fall into place. To accept such an offer will demonstrate sheer greed for power on our part, and this will be the less honorable path to tread.

“In essence, to form a presidential ticket with individuals who conspired with a compromised system   to rob us of deserved justice, would only be interpreted as approving the same system that we are endeavoring to change. Even more, it would be a demonstration of desperation for political power. We could never and will never fall in such a trap,” Senator Lawrence remarked during her endorsement declaration.

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