Dillon Sends Out Caveat! -Says we will win If Weah & NEC Don’t Tamper

By: Rancy S.Teewia  

If George Weah and the national Elections Commission do not temper with the elections to have candidates of the Coalition of the Congress for Democratic Change win before polling, Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate Abraham Darius Dillon says “…we will win and fight for our civil servants.”

Dillon pointed out in reference to the speculated cut in civil servants salaries that the civil servants’ salaries need to go upward and not downward, fight which he said is one of his campaign commitment

The Liberty Party stalwart and product of the four opposition collaborating parties in the senatorial by-election said, “we want to call on our supporters, our partisans, our well-wishers and even our friends in the CDC – who are quietly supporting us to remain resolved and upbeat that a new day has begun in this country when the light will be turned on at the Legislature by our elections through your votes.”

Dillon who was addressing a news conference on Wednesday at the Liberty Party Headquarters in Congo Town called on his partisans to be ready to vote when Mr. George Weah and the National Election Commissioners announce a new date for the elections.

He announced to President Weah and the NEC, “We will be there and ready; we will mine our ballots paper by paper, room by room, box by box, center by center, and precinct by precinct like soldiers guarding the border.”

Dillon’s attention was also drawn to the destructive politicking of tearing candidates’ posters, banners and flyers down, saying “And I continue to say that those who are tearing my flyers are not tearing my votes because the people have made up their minds; and that they are determined and are growing in numbers almost every minute because they are seeing the reality.”

He said Liberia is at the crossroad and that the country’s democracy is once more been threatened, saying however, “…we will not relent in our fight to sustained the gains we’ve made with our democracy.”

A fortnight ago, Mr. Dillon indicated that George Weah, sitting as president, issued a threat to the effect that as long as he George remains President of Liberia, Darius Dillon and Telia Urey will never win any election in this country.

He explained that although some people took the threat for mere bluff; some other thought that he is so politically strong and popular; but the Dillon campaign team took it seriously and raise the alarm that George Weah did not only issue those threats in vain.

“As we see that the National Election Commission has begun to put those threat into action, George Weah as president of the Republic of Liberia has begun to use the National Election Commission because he knows and already feels the heat that both of his candidates for Montserrado and for District #15 will not win the bi-elections and cannot win the elections by the popular votes of the people.

He pointed out that the NEC has announced another postponement of the senatorial and representative by-elections for Montserrado County because Weah and the election commissioners believe that buying time earns them the votes that they need to become victorious.

“We frown on this, we detest it, we reject it and we will let the international partners know so as to get involve. This is because we are ready for these elections, we are determined to win these elections; our people are ready to vote amass to have the biggest turn out in the bi-elections in the history of our country,” Mr. Dillon asserted.

But he said President Weah, through the National Election Commission, is doing everything to denial and deprive the voices of the people to vote Darius as senator of Montserrado and Telia Urey as Representative of Montserrado County District #15.

On the national note, he accentuated that the President have submitted the draft budget for passing into law by the Legislatures in keeping with constitutional provision with applying the best fiscal practices that commend transparency  and accountability.

Dillon criticized Bhofal Chamber as speaker and Albert Chie as Senate Pro-tempore, who he pointed out, have got no span to demand from the executive a budget performance report for FY 2018/2019 before the submission of the budget, which he stressed is a violation of the law.

Submission of the current draft budget, he said is belated especially in the absence of submitting budget performance report indicating the performance last fiscal budget in terms of how it was expended.

“If your son comes to you for school fees for second grade, and he cannot show his first grade report card, it means that something is wrong and that he has not convinced you that he has passed to the second grade he needs tuition for. By that transparency and accountability comes in; and so when we said that we are going to turn light on at the legislature, we are saying we will be demanding and ensuring that the Legislature is audited,” Dillon said adding that the Legislature has not being audited since 2005.

Saying that the Legislature must be audited for its performance from the election that brought Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to power up to present  on grounds that the lawmaking houses have been receiving and spending Government money and must therefore be audited.

He maintained that the budget that has been submitted in puff maintain the benefit and the allowances of high ranking public officials, but will affect our civil servants to which scenario he said ‘NO’.

“If Weah and NEC will not tamper with the elections to win before the elections are held, we will win and fight for our civil servants because, salary of civil servants needs to go upward and not downward; this is why one of my campaign commitment is to see to it that we rally colleagues to reduce the money from public officials’ pocket and to put it back into the public sector,” he added.

He averred, “And to my friends across the globe, the platform of the CDC government, George Weah, Abu Kamara and Paulita Wie is “Don’t vote for Darius Dillon, don’t vote for Telia Urey”, but our platform has been explained everywhere.”

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