Dillon Sends Caveat To Weah and CDC -“keep having false sense of entitlement over territories”

With the special legislative elections just staring Liberians in their eyes, the battle for the country’s most vote-rich region, Montserrado County, is getting in full gear. Abraham Darius Dillon, the tough talking dark horse who stole the thunder from the Coalition for Democratic Change in the 2019 senatorial by-elections, has fired warning shots at President George Weah and his CDC, stating that Montserrado County is not CDC’s territory for the taking, The Analyst reports.

“I listened to your jabs yesterday at the dedication of your CDC District #6 Local Office, during which time you cried that CDCians should never get vexed again to give your territory away.” That was really hilarious!!” Dillon fired back in a fiery social media post late Sunday evening at President Weah.

“Mr. President, first thing is, your CDC owns no “territory” anywhere in Liberia. In a democracy, all territories belong to the people; it is they that can decide whom to empower with their votes. And whenever they empower with their votes, they can retain or replace you in keeping with your performance. Simple!” Dillon retorted.

Continuing said President Weah’s failure to even acknowledge that CDCians that may have voted him as Senator were and are not “vexed”, is part of President Weah’s problem.

“You seem to be living in denial here! You need to appreciate that they are simply shocked and disappointed at your sheer failure to properly lead and deliver as you promised them. And until you realize this fact, you will continue to lose more of them and more “territories” along the way, including your seat as President,” said Dillon.

He said at the moment, he is more  concentrated on serving the people of Montserrado County’s interests and aspirations as promised, noting that he will continue to do so with humility, honesty, courage, truth, integrity, backed by the fear of God.

“In the end, the people will decide in their numbers whether or not we deserve votes again and again. It is left to you to keep having the false sense of entitlement over “territories” whilst failing the people as though the people do not have eyes to see!!!” Senator Dillon said.

It can be recalled, President Weah on Saturday, February 8 visited District 6 where he graced the dedication of a new office for the Coalition for Democratic Change.

At that program, President Weah remarked, to thunderous cheers from party stalwarts, supporters and well-wishers, that the CDC will never again give Montserrrado County away as was done during the past bi-elections.


Public Reactions

Manikpakei Dumuoe is the Vice Chairman for Administration of the Council of Patriots, and he has no kind words for President Weah either.

“President Weah should have been honest about why CDC lost to the CPP and Senator Dillon last year,” Mr. Dumuoe stated, adding that President Weah knows and many of the executives at the CDC know but they have decided to enter a conspiracy to delude their base and foot soldiers.

“The truth is that President Weah’s poor performance in office and the disgraceful levels of corruption on the president watch made the CDC unattractive to a lot of the voters that went to the polls to vote in the 2019 by-election that brought Senator Dillon to office,” Dumuoe said, adding, as things stand, nothing has changed for the better. The same corruption that led to the anger that drove some CDCIANS to vote against their party or stay away from the polls giving the opposition the edge is still there and getting worse.

Regarding the issue of the acute gasoline shortage on the Liberian market, Mr. Dumuoe blames the government entirely.

“Look at the port dredging issue: the government had all the facts and the money to deal with issues month ago but instead of prioritizing the well-being of our people, the Weah administration looked the other way and officials such as the MD of the NPA and Weah’s ally filled their pockets and now Liberians are without gas! I can comfortably say that the voting lines will be longer the gas lines and won’t be good for Weah. Montserrado will reject CDC just as almost all of the other counties,” he said, noting that the COP will flex its muscle to get voters energized and out to vote up and down this country to deliver a strong message to President Weah.

“You no longer enjoy the confidence of the Liberian people!!” he warned.

As for Salia Kanneh, he believes that President Weah will keep harboring such illusions until he loses the presidency in 2023. “I know he will become traumatized when he loses the presidency,” Mr. Kanneh said, noting, “President Weah should keep telling himself that those of us who voted for ADD, are Cdecians.”

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