Dillon Bombs Weah on Samukai -Says President’s hand in Senator-elect’s trouble

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County has told the people of Lofa County not to look elsewhere to know the predicament their Senator-elect, Mr. Brownie J. Samukai currently faces to get certificated and get his seat in the upper Chambers of the national legislature but blame President George Manneh Weah for all the rigmarole in the crisis.

In his social media post on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 Senator Dillon said: Pres. “George Weah’s excuse before the people of Lofa County that he cannot do anything in the Brownie Samukai’s case at the Supreme Court is not only a statement made in dishonesty, but is also a “big black lie”, It was the Executive Branch of Government under his direction, supervision and control that filed a Petition for the Writ of Prohibition against the Certification of Senator-elect Samuka, Senator said.”

Senator Dillon’s post was prompted by the statement made by President Weah while responding to an appeal by the citizens of Lofa County for him to instruct the Ministry of Justice to withdraw the writ of prohibition instigated by the Ministry which debarred Samukai from being certificated by the National Election Commission (NEC).

The Senator further picked holes in the President’s response when he continued in his post, “In the legal practice, one that files a complaint has the right, choice and option at any time during the proceedings to WITHDRAW their complaint.

“The same Pres. Weah that instructed and authorized the Justice Ministry to file the political suit against Samukai can also instruct and order the withdrawal from the Court”.

“LOFA, are you hearing me loud and clear???” Dillon concluded.

The assertion from Senator Dillon is making sense in the polity and commentators have commended him for being so farsighted to point out the twisted logic from the President’s response to the citizens of Lofa County.

During the President’s county tour in Lofa County recently, the citizens in Foya District through Representative Francis Nyumalin while presenting their position statement, among other things asked President to intervene in the Samukai saga. While appealing to the President on behalf of Mr. Samukai, Rep. Nyumalin said, “The Honorable gentleman (Samukai) was convicted by the Court, an opinion and decision of the Supreme Court that all of us must stand by.

Rep. Nyumalin furthered, “be that as it may, as Chief Executive of this nation, Mr. President, we want to appeal to you through this public manner, that the petition filed by the Minister of Justice (the attorney general of the Republic of Liberia) to halt the certification of Hon. Brownie J.  Samukai be withdrawn so that Lofa County has a full representation at the level of the Senate”.

President George Weah responding to the citizens of Lofa’ appeal said “I am the President of the Republic of Liberia, and you know very well that I cannot break the laws of the Republic. The issue of our [friend, our son and our brother] is a legal matter that I cannot interfere with. What I have to tell you is that when I was elected as President I had the opportunity to speak with the former Defense Minister at my residence so that he could acquaint me with issues surrounding what you tried to explain here (about the AFL money). And I spoke with my good friend, Hon. Samukai,” said Mr. Weah.

In a related development, President Weah, also during the county tour in Lofa County recently, the citizens in Foya District through Representative Francis Nyumalin also appealed asked the President for forgiveness on behalf of District 10 Representative Mr. Yekeh Kolubah, who is also a citizen of Lofa, for what they termed as his unbecoming behavior against the persons of the President. “Mr. President, we have to apologize on behalf of our nephew because in Lofa County it is wrong even for those Representatives to say something otherwise, not to mention an insult to a chief or any elder of this County. And, so, we want to apologize to you for whatever must have transpired between you and Honorable Yekeh Kolubah and we seek your executive pardon,” said Rep. Nyumanlin.

Responding to the citizen on Mr. Yekeh Kolubah, the President that he had forgiven him as a big brother and father.

“There is no need for everything that he’s doing; we need to respect each other. But he continues to do that. But at the end of the day, I am the big brother, I am the father. So, I have forgiven him, that’s why I don’t respond to anything he says.

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