Diaspora Alert Chairman On Hunger Strike -Demands Pres. Boakai Declare and Publish Assets

MONROVIA: Diaspora Alert (DA) Chairman Eric Pervist has embarked on a 26-day hunger strike to pressure President Joseph Boakai to declare and publish his assets, as promised during his campaign. Pervist chose 26 days as symbolic representation of the 26 individuals that have occupied the office of president since the nation’s independence.

He emphasized that a president who commits to transparency and accountability as enshrined in his ARREST platform pillar six (6) captioned Fighting Corruption – should not wither to lead by example by declaring and publishing his assets.

Pervist questioned the source of funds used by Boakai to donate nearly $100,000 united states dollars to fire victims of Totota in lower Bong county despite he [Boakai] had earlier informed the Liberian people he was living on loan and was struggling to service it. “How come president Boakai is now an overnight humanitarian dashing out thousands of United States dollars and upgrading his house with nearly half of million using Lebanese Construction Company”? Chairman Pervist questioned.

Allegations of bribery have also been raised by District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah accusing the president of receiving bribes from Liberians wanting jobs in his government. The Liberian leader has not denied or confirmed this grave allegation against him.

Diaspora Alert calls on President Boakai to declare and publish his assets promptly, expressing concern for Pervist’s health during the hunger strike. The group urges the Liberian people to join in pressuring the president to take action, noting that lawmakers and appointees are already declaring their assets while the president is hesitant. DA stresses the importance of transparency and accountability in leadership.

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