By Rev. Kortu Brown

“If a man think himself to be something when he is nothing, he deceives himself” [Galatians 6:3]

In Exodus Chapter 14 when Israel walked away from Egypt after 430 years in slavery, God was concerned about their exit strategy vis-à-vis the termination of the unstoppable threat Egypt presented to Israel even as they journeyed away from their place of captivity and servitude over an approximately 14-generation period. The strategy then was to mislead Egypt into thinking that Israel had lost her way so they could be pursued, captured and returned to Egypt. So the Lord told Moses to tell the Children of Israel to turn and camp between Migdol and the sea… “For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, ‘they are bewildered by the land; the wilderness has closed them in” vs 1, 2 & 3. Imagine God telling Moses to camp the children of Israel in a way that Egypt will think that they are confused and had lost their way. But that’s exactly what happened. Don’t worry if you have a misled person running after you.

The confusion created by God instructing Moses for Israel to pretend before Pharaoh that they had lost their way, made Egypt to now pursue without restraints and put fear in the children of Israel that their 4-century nightmare was about to be revisited. They verbally attacked Moses charging him to wanting them to die in the wilderness without graves. As Israel cried, Egypt pursued. Moses knew the plan of God; however, he himself still cried as he stood before the sea. Did he cry for their unbelief or the pursuit of the Egyptians? Many times we as God’s children do not understand His strategy to handover to us the kind of victory He himself desires for us. The victory that will bring Him glory that He shares with no man.

The Divine plan works: The children of Israel moved forward as commanded and Moses, the man of God used the rod to open the sea. They stepped into dry ground and made their way across to their outmost surprise. Then Egypt set into the Divine TRAP. Many people are falling into the divine trap. It was a snare set up God Himself! They assumed that they will walk through the Red Sea – on dry ground – the same way the Israelites did. They forgot that that miracle wasn’t the works of any of the gods of Egypt. Yet, they, working against God’s plan, assumed they could also benefit from His miracle. It was a Deception! It was for their Destruction! Our receptions are different. The plan is Divine! It will be appropriately executed in accordance with divine timing. Think, before ACTING!

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