D17 Lawmaker Kiazolu in Hot Water

The Chairman of the Concerned Citizens of District 17, James Johnson, says Monsterrado County District 17 Representative Hanson Kiazolu of the former ruling Unity Party is lying to the people of District Seventeen, that development in the district is stalled because certain individuals in the district who are close to the current ruling party and to President Weah are stalling development in the district so he (Hanson Kaizolu) cannot get credit.

Speaking during a massively attended called meeting yesterday in Brewerville, Mr. Johnson said, on July 28, 2018, President Weah mandated the Ministry of Public Works to pave all feeder roads within the economic zone of Liberia.

“Consequently, on August 28, 2018 the Ministry of Public Works announced that more than dozen roads including the 2.5KM Gbanjor Road situated within District Seventeen were nearing fruition as bids were been solicited. At the termination of the fiscal year 2018/2019, many residents of the district expressed incessant concerns of the project as the advent of the rainy season became imminent,” said the D17 Concerned Citizens.

The group furthered that Rep. Kiazolu on September 18, 2019 categorically stated on his official Facebook page that the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works entered an agreement with a local company, Solid Rocks Incorporated, to execute the Gbanjor Road pavement project.

According to the Concerned D17 Citizens, Rep. Kiazolu stated that he has in his possession information that actors within District 17 who enjoy closeness to President Weah are stalling the said project, so he can be seen as failing his constituents.

“The Concerned Citizens of District Seventeen does not only find this allegation as troubling, but absurdly incomprehensible,” the Group said, wondering why Rep. Kiazolu has failed up till now to address rumors about receiving district funds in the sum of US$20,000 from China Union without accountability, consistent with County Social Development Funds.

The Group said Rep. Kiazolu should have long ago called a District sitting after attending a County sitting regarding the County Development Fund.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the scorching heat from the aggrieved citizens of D17, Rep. Kiazolu has invited community chairpersons of D17 including the forgotten Gbanjor Community to an emergency meeting on September 28, 2019 to discuss pressing district issues.

However, some residents of the districts who spoke with The Analyst have registered their utter disappointment in their representative, terming his administration as one of the worst since former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf used the District in 2011 as her last campaign stumping ground, promising to refurbish the deplorable road to no avail.

According to Gborkon Community Chairman M. Varney Paasewe, Rep. Kiazolu should not be reelected because he has failed the people.

“But the people deserve the type of leaders they have. We thought we were bringing in a messiah, but the district got the raw end of the deal,” the Gborkon community chair averred.

All attempts to contact Rep. Kiazolu failed up to the time of this publication.

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