Cummings Wins More Hearts and Minds -As Liberians Throng to Endorse CPP Leader

MONROVIA – With few months left to the holding of the 2023 presidential and general elections in the country, opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings seems to be winning the hearts and minds of Liberians from all sides of the aisle, evidenced by his recent tour of Montserrado County Districts #4 and #6 where citizens thronged from far and near to pledge their support for Mr. Cummings’ 2023 Presidential bid.

Prominent among those who turned out to endorse the CPP standard bearer was a group calling itself the CDC Royal Guard, who presented Mr. Cummings with LD10,000 as endorsement support, and pledged to support the CPP leader because President Weah and the CDC have accordingly betrayed the struggle that brought the Coalition for Democratic Change to power in 2017.

Making the statement on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at the SKD Sports Complex in Monrovia when the CPP standard bearer toured Districts #4 and #6 in Montserrado County where hundreds of citizens, community leaders and organizations turned out to pledge their support for Mr. Cummings’ 2023 presidential bid, the leader of the CDC Royal Guard, Ansu Bility, boldly denounced the leadership of President Weah for “betraying and dashing the hopes of thousands of youths, who were in the vanguard of the political struggle for his leadership”.

According to Mr. Bility, the CDC Royal Guard was one of the largest auxiliaries of the ruling CDC Government of President Weah that was instrumental for his victory in 2017. He said the group is spread out in six counties including Montserrado and Margibi Counties.

Mr. Bility, who denounced the CDC and rebranded the CDC Royal Guard as the new CPP Royal Guard, presented L$10,000.00 to Mr. Cummings as manifestation of the group’s allegiance and support to his 2023 Presidential Bid.

“We call on you not to give up or second yourself to anyone in this race because we are placing our hopes in you and we believe in you”, Bility stated.

During his tour of Districts Four and Six, Mr. Cummings received three endorsements from youth groups, including the National Patriotic Congress Movement, at the Balawala Field, GSA Road; and from the CDC Royal Guard, near the SKD Sports Complex in Monrovia.

The Cummings endorsement rallies saw citizens pouring out in their numbers Duport Road Community, Rockhill, GSA Road Community, King Gray Town, and Studio Junction Community, as they presented statements of support, describing the CPP Standard Bearer as the best and most competent alternative for the Presidency in 2023.

The tour was kicked-off with a special worship service at the Christ Embassy, where Mr. Cummings later contributed L$100,000.00 on behalf of the Cummings Africa Foundation to the church’s economic empowerment program which is training and equipping young people who are mostly women with life skills.

He also visited the Central Mosque in the ELWA Community, where a statement of thanks and appreciation was extended him for his immense contributions toward the renovation of the Mosque.

The tour of Districts Four and Six in Montserrado County was climaxed with a jam-packed Town Hall meeting at the Paynesville City Hall.

The town hall discussion was structured in three categories: Leadership, the Economy, and Governance. This afforded citizens the opportunity to engage, seek explanations/clarifications on, and provide input to Cummings’ vision of REAL CHANGE in the lives of millions trapped in extreme suffering and poverty.

On the Economy, Mr. Cummings vowed to resuscitate the ailing economy, beginning with his first 100 days in office as President by ensuring the availability of import and export credit facilities for small, medium and large businesses, especially businesses of women, in Liberia.

He said such credit facilities intended to grow and expand businesses, will be at very low interests for all Liberians desirous of doing business.

Cummings said the CPP Government within it first hundred days, would endeavor to improve all market facilities and construct Warehouses for marketers and farmers to store their goods and products.

Cummings promised to establish a national youth service program, to train and equip youths with technical skills that will enable them become productive citizens.

He vowed to undertake a comprehensive audit of government, aggressively attacking corruption, strengthening integrity institutions including the LACC and GAC to fight corruption, while at the same time, increasing civil servants’ salaries to enable them better cater to their families while reducing their need to be corrupt.

Cummings said implementing women economic empowerment programs will be a key priority of his first hundred days as President. His goal is to ensure that women are lifted out of poverty and live better lives.

Cummings said his international managerial skills and enviable record of building high performance teams will guarantee a new leadership style free of corruption, wasteful spending, and impunity. He promised that the country’s resources will purposely be used for the general good of the people and society.

Cummings said hard work, commitment and dedication to duty will be the hallmark of the CPP Government and all Liberians will be accorded equal rights to jobs and opportunities.

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