Cummings Vows War against Suffering -Through Job Creation

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has vowed to combat and alleviate extreme poverty through the development a strong private sector intended to create better paying jobs for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.

Mr. Cummings made the statement yesterday, Monday, April 3, 2023 when he spoke to a cross section of Liberians in Kakata, Margibi where he has gone in continuation with his citizen engagement program, assuring them that within the first one hundred days in office, the CPP Government will ensure micro-finance loans for Liberian entrepreneurs and marketers to help sustain, grow, and expand their businesses.  The CPP Standard Bearer said amongst all Presidential contenders, he is the best qualified, with the requisite credentials and connections to attract foreign direct investments to resuscitate the economy, that will guarantee a prosperous nation comparable to any other Africa nation. 

The businessman turned politician said leaders of other countries that are achieving significant development and economic prosperity for their people are not smarter than Liberians, but rather their success is based on their leadership qualities and the hard work and sacrifice on the part of their citizens. He said Liberia’s underachievement and deplorable living conditions of the suffering masses are due largely to incompetent leadership and massive corruption, which must be rejected at the poll.

The CPP number one partisan said if Liberians are to achieve any significant changes in their living conditions and attain economic prosperity, it will require sober reflections during these elections to consciously choose competent, qualified and experienced leadership that will break away from the age-old practices of bad governance and misrule. 

He said it is a shame for Liberia to be blessed with abundant natural resources, while the vast majority linger in abject poverty, and are denied basic social services, including better education and health care, due to gross mismanagement and massive corruption by public officials.

Cummings, accompanied by CPP stalwarts on his one day visit to Kakata, Monday, April 3, visited the Lango Lippay high school, a public school established 1962, with an estimated 2,900 students. 

The CPP Standard Bearer also met and held discussions with the Liberia Pastor Association of Kakata, comprising more than 100 churches, the Margibi County Muslim Council, and later the Dominic Hena High school, urging citizens to register and vote. 

Cummings said churches and mosques played pivotal roles and can significantly impact the decisions of their followers to consciously choose the best candidate, capable of transforming Liberia. He told hundreds of students who attended the discourse with him at the Lango Lippay and Dominic Hena high schools that education will be top priority for a CPP Government aimed at ensuring quality education imparted by trained and better paid teachers. 

He said a Cummings administration will support two-track educational pursuits, with students interested in acquiring college or university education and those interested in the pursuit of vocational skills. He admonished students who he said are considered future leaders, to devote more time to their studies and pleaded with them to have their say in the country’s future, by registering to vote in the October 10 elections.

In separate statements of welcome and support, the Liberia Pastors Association of Kakata and the Margibi County Muslim Council expressed gratitude for the visit of the CPP Standard Bearer and lauded him for his enviable world record, which they said is most needed now to redeem Liberia from the dungeon of economic degradation.

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  1. Jake Doe says

    There SHALL NEVER EVER be an Alex Cummings administration at the sovereign level in Liberia. For Cummings, you are too much of a LIAR AND A CRIMINAL. Here you are impersonating a collaborational status, when you are realistically, truly, and factually simply the so called standard bearer of ANC which no other political party has ever aligned with or even joined to form a collaboration. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

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