Cummings Visits Liberia Chamber of Commerce 

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, on Wednesday, November 30, paid a courtesy called on the leadership of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC), in Monrovia.

 Cummings congratulated officers of the LCC upon their installation, noted with great satisfaction the warm welcome accorded him and his long overdue visit to the Chamber.

LCC President,  Cllr. Oswald Tweh said it was always a pleasure meeting Mr. Cummings, also the Founder of the Cummings Africa Foundation, to discuss issues affecting the growth and development of the private sector in Liberia. 

The two executives exchanged ideas and views on what can alsobe done differently to create a conducive business environment and how the private sector could be a strong and vibrant engine for economic growth, to create jobs for Liberians. 

Discussion ranged from the challenges and difficulties of doing business in Liberia, access to  credit facilities, lack of investment incentives, support and infrastructures, unfair competition as well as stringent government regulations, and official misconduct.

The centuries old challenges of the availability of the nation’s staple food; cost of producing rice locally versus its importation; and development of a strong agricultural sector with focus on other cash crops, were issues of discussions.

The CPP Standard Bearer said without a conducive and enabling environment, it would be difficult to attract foreign direct investments. He noted that government overregulation of the private sector, bribery, weak judicial system and difficulties in starting and doing business in Liberia were all factors that prohibit foreign direct investments.

Cummings spoke of the need to revisit and simplify business regulations, fees, taxation, as well as stop the stealing and solicitation of bribes by public officials.

Responding as to what his administration would prioritize, Cummings said primary focus would be to ensure businesses at every level have access to credit facilities, in order to grow and expand.

He said farmers would be supported, having access to credit opportunities, and the relevant institutions including an Agriculture Bank, and the Liberia Produce & Marketing Corporation would be revamped to make farming profitable.

The CPP Standard Bearer also emphasized the need to fix the deplorable farm to market roads and erect storage facilities to preserve the surplus food Produced by farmers.  

Other issues discussed were disposable incomes, youth empowerment, training and equipping underprivileged youths and job creation for the thousands of college and university graduates.

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