Cummings Visits Bereaved Families -Terms New Kru Town Incident “National Calamity”

MONROVIA: In the aftermath of the Wednesday, January 19 post-crusade stampede in New Kru Town that left 29 persons dead, the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has condemned the incident, terming it as a calamity, while extending his deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

In a statement emanating from the office of the ANC political leader posted Sunday on the Internet, Mr. Cummings was said to have made the assertion having visited the homes of the bereaved families and the Redemption Hospital on Friday, where some of the wounded worshippers are seeking medical attention.

“I have come to identify with you and console you during these sad periods of your families. I promised to be with you during these periods of your bereavement. This is a national calamity. I will come back to identify with you,” Mr. Cummings said.

In response, the affected families and wounded victims at the Redemption Hospital accordingly appreciated the visit of Mr. Cummings. They said, despite their distressing conditions, they were relieved and happy that Mr. Cummings could reach out to them at the hospital and their various homes to sympathize and identify with them.

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