Cummings’ Trial is Persecution, Not Prosecution -Pundits Conjecture

MONROVIA – The ongoing legal wrangle that has pitted Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander B. Cummings against All Liberia Party political leader Benoni Urey is being scrutinized and termed by political pundits as a “persecution”, and not a “prosecution” of Cummings, because, according to them, “No crime was committed. Urey and the government know this but are doing so to distract Cummings and the ANC because of the inroads they are making for 2023 and the threat a Cummings’ Presidency poses to them,” the pundits conjectured.

Outlining several cardinal points as indicators why the ongoing Cummings trial is shambolic, the pundits in a frank discourse with this paper maintained that on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the Magistrate ruled in favor of the Prosecution granting their motion for Mr. Cummings to produce evidence for the state.

“The ruling of Judge Jallah doesn’t only violate our constitution but sets a bad precedence. Article 21(h) of our 1986 Constitution provides in part that a defendant (in a criminal trial) shall not be compelled to furnish evidence against himself. The judge in his ruling relied on a 1972 criminal procedure law which predates the Constitution and even used Canadian law which does not apply to our jurisdiction. Imagine, an outdated Canadian law, when our law is clear on this issue. The Cummings team strongly disagrees with the Magistrate’s ruling and has asked the Circuit Court to review said unprecedented decision.

“The defense is not appealing the Magistrate’s decision because they want to delay the case but there’s a clear miscarriage of justice against an inviolable right happening right before their eyes and the ANC will not be a party to it. This is obviously an act of buying time for the Prosecution who is fishing for evidence that doesn’t exist, knowing that such flagrant violation of Defendants’ Constitutional rights would be contested,” the pundits continued.

According to them, it is also important to note that there is no such thing as an Original Framework Document with all signatures, that Cummings has which he is being mandated to provide.

“The original Framework document signed on Zoom under Urey’s chairmanship and being requested with all parties signatures, does not exist as that document was not fully signed by all parties. Rather, that individually virtually signed document was sent to the lawyers for review and amendment after the immediate public backlash about the job clause. The final copy from the lawyers amendment was approved, signed and filed at NEC and every party has a copy; something Urey has clearly alluded to on camera,” the pundits narrated further, noting their disappointment at seeing the ALP, an opposition party, along Joseph Boakai and Nyonblee Karnga, supposed opposition leaders, collaborating with this current regime.

“This is clearly no longer a prosecution, but a PERSECUTION. No crime was committed. Urey and the government know this but are doing so to distract ABC and the ANC because of the inroads they are making for 2023 and the threat a Cummings’ Presidency poses to them.,” the pundits noted, adding that Mr. Cummings and the ANC stand ready to exhaust all legal remedies available to them in order to constitutionally address this unprecedented and erroneous ruling of the Magistrate.

“If this decision, compelling a defendant to provide evidence for the Prosecution, is allowed to stand, it would be a new law in our jurisdiction that will apply to everyone else. Most importantly, it will be the final burial of our most organic law, our Constitution

“A Cummings Presidency will shock the system that only benefits Urey and corrupt officials, and change it to benefit every Liberian. The “system” does not want that. At this point, Urey only has his business interests which he will do anything to protect including being a regime collaborator. Opposition member Patrick Honnah Punch FM hasn’t been granted an operational license for years but Urey’s daughter was recently granted a license to open a radio station. That should tell you a lot.

“That the UP is gladly playing along and remaining silent in the face of gross injustice and political persecution says a lot and speaks to the glaring fact that they are co-conspirators, but will have you believe that we are not cooperating with JNB who by the way will be a star witness for the Government. Imagine the current Chair of the CPP being a state witness against the only other opposition leader he’s in the race with for CPP presidential ticket… But again, the former Vice President is on government payroll as a retiree and he sure is working for his benefits. This strategy by old political players to use any means necessary including political persecution to eliminate your most formidable competitor crystallizes the fact that JNB doesn’t represent anything other than that which he has offered for more than 40 years – same old same old,” the pundits noted, terming Cummings’ trial as witch-hunt meant to take him out of the picture – essentially taking away the citizens’ right to vote for a real change agent.

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