Cummings to Tour Montserrado District #1 Wednesday – Citizens’ Engagement on District Development High on the Agenda

MONROVIA – Hot on the heels of his recent trip to the United States of America and Canada where he met with Liberians and global political, business, and educational leaders concerning the development of the country, opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Standard Bearer and Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings will be touring District #1 in Montserrado County on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

According to CPP sources, Mr. Cummings will use the speakeasy citizens’ engagement to address a town hall meeting in Bensonville, and to engage citizens and residents in and around Harrisburg at the Harrisburg Town Hall.

Mr. Cummings will meet and engage with citizens of Todee and its surrounding towns and villages in Koons Town as part of a public engagement concerning developments in the district and the country at large.

It can be recalled that Mr. Cummings recently returned from touring the United States and Canada where he met with Liberians and global political, business and educational leaders with the aim of soliciting investments in education, manufacturing, communications, and infrastructural development.

Mr. Cummings had noted in a nationwide address immediately upon his return to the country that through his engagements with international partners and industrialists, many are prepared to invest in Liberia, but are however concerned about the current climate of rampant corruption and abuses of power that have overtaken the Weah Administration.

“These serious investors need a responsible and competent Liberian Government that can be trusted to stop the stealing, strengthen the justice system and improve accountability. As I have said many times before, our country is too rich for so many of our people to be so poor.

“This is why a Cummings Administration will stop the stealing, end impunity, improve accountability and guarantee the trust of the international community. We will do this because we need to end the suffering of the Liberian people, unite our country, grow the economy, provide opportunities for our youth, empowerment for women, and create decent-paying jobs for Liberians.

“The cost of living is increasing every day. This is why, for President Weah to cut people pay while the costs of food, transportation, rent hospital bills and school fees are only going up is wicked! As hard as people are trying, too many cannot find jobs, and those who are lucky to be working can barely care for their families because their salaries have been “harmonized”. President Weah and his administration promised to create jobs. Not only did they fail to keep their promise but they have created chances for themselves to steal from the Liberian people who are already suffering. No responsible government that cares for its people will do this to them,” Mr. Cummings had noted.

It is expected that the Montserrado County District #1 tour might yield fruits from Mr. Cummings’ engagements in the United States and Canada, an insider told this paper.

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