Cummings Surges into Montserrado -Picks More Support in D#17

MONROVIA – The ongoing citizen engagement being undertaken by the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings in Montserrado County continues to generate more momentum and traction as his presidential bid recorded another huge support from many residents of District #17, Montserrado County, on Sunday, November 27, 2022 who have vowed to vote him enmasse during the fast approaching 2023 general election.

According to our reporter who covered the program which was held on the Brewerville Football pitch. Cummings and entourage were welcome to the District and then escorted to the venue by a large crowd under the banner of several independent Auxiliaries of the Alternative National Congress, Liberty Party and the CPP.

Auxiliaries included the New Israel Community, the Noble Women Organization, Destiny Kings and Queens Basketball Association and Royal Legend, District #17 Youths in Support of Cummings, the United Motorcyclists, and Team Albertha District #17, among several other auxiliaries in Brewerville, Montserrado County.

Today’s program took place just a few days after the biggest endorsement from the Grebo United for Cummings was also held in District #14, sending shocking waves to his opposition and an amazement to many who did not see it coming . It was gathered that the district has witnessed the emergence of the highest members of CPP partisans  estimated at 20,000 in Brewerville has registered the highest number of CPP members estimated at over 20,000.

In separate statements of support and solidarity, the spokespersons for the auxiliaries expressed their sincere commitment to ensure the election of Mr. Cummings as the next President of Liberia.

They noted with appreciation, the enviable world record and unmatched managerial skills of Mr. Cummings as the best amongst the various frontrunners, capable to redeem Liberia from economic dungeon and sad state of affairs.

In response, the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings, expressed gratitude for the warm reception accorded him and party stalwarts, and assured citizens of his sincere commitment to real change in Liberia.

Cummings vowed to resuscitate the ailing economy, create job opportunities for the thousands of unemployed, especially youths. He promised to stop the squandering of public resources and ensure the restoration of basic social services. The CPP Standard Bearer said upon his election as President, he would work to alleviate the massive suffering and extreme poverty, through creations of jobs and opportunities, empower women through access to business loans, fix the deplorable roads and improve the educational and health care systems.

He urged Liberians nationwide to turn out en masse to register during the Voters Registration process, which is slated to begin December 15, in order to be  Eligible to vote and ensure Mr. George Weah is a one term President.

Several prominent citizens and aspirants in the district, including Madam Tarta Kaba and Mr. Abraham Sessay, spoke at the one day rally. They promised to jointly work and mobilize support for the election of Mr. Cummings as the next President of Liberia.

Meanwhile, earlier, on Sunday, the CPP Standard Bearer pleaded with Churches and Mosques to reawaken their members to spiritual truths against the acts of stealing, the culture of impunity and other negative vices that retard and thwart the progress of any nation.

Cummings said spiritual transformation of the nation is critical as much as Liberians need physical transformation for the creation of jobs, and access to improve social services including good roads, good educational system and health care delivery services for its citizens.

He spoke on Sunday, November 27, when he visited and worshipped at the Words of Faith International Ministries on Duport Road and the Fountain Gates Chapel International Ministries, Old Road in Monrovia. The CPP Standard Bearer said the Church and Mosque play a pivotal role in safeguarding the truths in society and for citizens to live by religious principles, having the fear of God not to steal or engage in acts inimical to the progress of the nation.

In his sermon, the Pastor of Words of Faith International Ministries, Rev. George Davis spoke against the danger of unrestricted freedom, where public officials squandered the wealth of the nation and engaged in mis official conduct with impunity and without the fear of God.

He cautioned Liberians against the exercise of their freedom to commit and cover up evils, noting that freedom has both reward and consequences and that everyone will be made to account for their stewardship on earth.

Pastor Davis stressed the need for Liberians   to exercise self-restriction and manage their God given freedom and avoid acts that have the propensity to endanger society and deprive others of a better life.

He made reference to the enviable corporate world record of Mr. Cummings, who he said lived and worked an exemplary life, without any tainted record of corruption or mal-official conduct.

Rev. Davis said he was elated by the visit of Mr. Cummings and later offered special prayers of God’s anointing, grace and blessings as he seeks the highest office in Liberia.

The Pastor of the Fountain Gates Chapel International Ministries, Rev. Daniel Johnson expressed solidarity and prayed for God’s blessings upon the CPP Standard Bearer in his quest for the Presidency come 2023.

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