Cummings Stresses Education Priority  -Says Quality Education Breed Wholesome Society

MONROVIA – The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings has underscored the critical and significant importance of education in the transformation of the personal life of young people and the nation.

Mr. Cummings said quality education breeds productive citizens and good leaders in creating a wholesome functioning society that guarantee economic prosperity.

He spoke at programs marking the graduation of 455 students who completed an eight-week quick impact skill trading programs in Pastry and Soap making.

The Vocational Skills Training Program launched by Madam Rugie Yatu Barry, in District One Montserrado County, has provided life skills training for thousands of depraved young people, since its establishment in 2007.

Madam Barry is a potential Representative aspirant in District one, Montserrado County.

The ANC Political leader lauded Madam Barrie for the positive initiative to help equip depraved youths, especially girls and women with skills to improve their livelihood and make them productive citizens.

Cummings spoke of the damaging effect of corruption on the country’s educational system, which he said has undermined the attainment of quality education, denied thousands of Liberians the opportunity to attend and remain in school.

He said pervasive corruption in public service, especially in President George Weah’s administration, has made it difficult to pay Teachers attractive salaries, and rendered the learning environment and classrooms unconducive.

The ANC Political Leader reaffirmed a Cummings administration to an unprecedented support to the country’s educational system, that will improve the learning environment, pay Teachers living wages, and provide them better incentives.

Earlier, on Sunday, August 21, the ANC Political Leader also served as guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of the Rosetta Steps Education Center on Caldwell Road, where 34 students received certificates after completing Kindergarten and six grade respectively.

At the Rosetta Steps Education Center, Mr. Cummings commended parents and teachers for the immense sacrifices, in supporting and molding the minds of children and young people in the country.

Mr. Cummings encouraged parents to continue making the sacrifices of sending their children to school, as it’s the best investment ever, in preparing them to become productive citizens and future workers and leaders of Liberia.

The Rosetta Steps Education Center, with an enrollment of 285 students, is headed by Ms. Ama Harris as proprietress.

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