Cummings Ramps Huge Southeast Support -As River Gee Citizens Shatter Stronghold Myth

FISH TOWN:  Gauging from the surprisingly huge turnout of the citizenry, the Political Leader and Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP),Alexander Cummings might have well shattered the doubts of those who believe he does not have a stronghold within the contemporary Liberian political hegemony when he extended his tour yesterday, June 12, 2023 in Fish Town, River Gee County where the citizens massively assembled from all walks of life to embrace the man that they are now pinning their hopes on to deliver them from the doldrums of excruciating underdevelopment. In return, empathizing with the citizens’ pitiable living condition, Cummings also used the occasion to appreciate the citizens for their manifold blessings and perseverance; promising to make incumbent George Weah a one-term president because “he has done nothing for Fish Town, he has nothing for River Gee”.

Entering Fish Town Monday, Mr. Cummings and his entourage received the most tumultuous welcome from traditional leaders, chiefs, rural women and the youths who rushed in their multitude to meet their son.

Following a myriad of traditional ceremonies that involved the pouring of libations, the offering of kola nuts, pepper, palm wine and roosters to Mr. Cummings and delegations as part of the welcoming procession, the elders and prominent citizens of River Gee County including former Senator Matthew Jaye escorted Mr. Cummings to press flesh with the chiefs of the land who seemed genuinely pleased that their own son could brave the raging elements and terrible road conditions to be in their midst.

At the impressive reception held in his honor, the women were the first to come forward in their numbers, singing traditional Grebo songs joyfully, dancing to the strokes of the drummers and the rhythm of the drums amid applause, as Mr. Cummings himself mounted the stage and joined the women to dance.

With the drumming, singing and dancing subsiding, the spokesperson of the women commented well of the visit by the CPP entourage, and expressed happiness that Mr. Cummings visited the county.

She stated amongst other things, “Everything you want here you will get it. Whatever you want, your desire will be met;” a statement that was received with a lousy and rousing applause of a shout of ‘yeahhhhh!!!!!!!’

The women then presented the CPP Presidential hopeful a cock and descended the platform, giving way to a spokesman of the men to perform their version of the welcoming rites of the visitor.

This was followed by a statement in which the men’s spokesperson disclosed that Cummings had given them the amount of 50,000 Liberian dollars. He noted that they have assembled there to appreciate the CPP leader.

“So we have come to appreciate you. In as much as you have come to us, we have something to tell you. Anybody who has a desire and comes to us, when we accept it, it will not be changed,” he assured.

Responding to the gestures by the people of River Gee, Mr. Cummings thanked the people of River Gee for the warm welcome.

In expressing his appreciation to the citizens of River Gee County, the number 1 partisan of CPP lauded the people of River Gee for the warm reception, especially the youths who, according to him, represent the future of the country.

“Let me say it’s good to be with the young people because you represent the future of Liberia. The most important reason why I am here today is to make President Weah a one-term president. He has done nothing for River Gee. He has done nothing for Fish Town. We have to replace him. Repeat after me: President Weah will be a one-term president,” Cummings bellowed, as the swelling crowd repeated his words with the utmost conviction.

“So, I want to thank you. We will come back to campaign, and will spend more time. I know with your support, victory is assured. This is why I know when I leave here today, I will win the presidency of Liberia. It is because of your prayers, your blessings, your support. I want you to know that we will come back, we will spend more time because of the importance of River Gee to our success story. So again, thank you. We appreciate you. And I promise you when we win, we will look after this city, this county and this region,” the businessman turned politician intoned amidst raucous applause.

Supporting Mr. Cummings’ position on making President Weah a one-term president, the representative aspirant of Electoral District #2 on the platform of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Bobby Toe, who was endorsed by Cummings at the program, enjoined the citizens of River Gee to embrace Mr. Cummings because he represents the future of Liberia. “Mr. Cummings, thank you for your endorsement. As you can see, I too will work to make George Weah a one-term president”.

Mr. Cummings and delegation will return to Maryland County today, Tuesday, June 13, 2023 where the CPP standard-bearer will tour Harper and Pleebo Districts. He will then extend his tour of the Southeast to Grand Kru County on Wednesday, June 14.

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