Cummings Promises Robust Governance if elected -To secure democracy, strengthen economy, reduce corruption

The Political leader and standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has given an insight of his presidency should he win the ensuing 2023 Presidential with emphasis been placed on entrenching genuine democracy, promoting rule of law and revamping the economy to ensure the availability of jobs to combat poverty and ward off crimes and insecurity in the country as well as increase resources for the public.

Mr. Cummings’s assertion was among series of tweets posted on his official twitter where he maintained a stronger conviction that despite the fact that the strength of Liberia’s democracy depends on the integrity of state institutions, the President George Manneh Weah led government has been eroding the quality of the country’s judiciary, security forces and legislature thereby undermining the citizen’s faith in the country’s nascent democracy.

“As President of #Liberia, I would secure #democracy by strengthening our #economy and #governance, which would reduce #corruption and increase resources for public bodies”, he said in one of the tweets.

Cummings who has consistently made his point known on good governance and the rule of law said that the actions of the government not to allow the state institutions to function according to the purpose for which they were created has led to what he called the weaponization of courts and rise in insecurity in the country.

The businessman turned politician restated stance on the need to entrench genuine democracy which will encompass greater freedom for the citizens, protection of their rights, prudence use of state resources to benefit the majority of the citizens and provision of opportunities for the citizens to flourish in a series of tweets to highlight the prevalent state of affairs in the country and provide the alternative under his administration if he is elected President of Liberia come 2023.

In another tweet on the economy which has been the main thrust of his messages to the citizens as it relates to their welfare and the area that needs serious attention to combat poverty and the untold sufferings going on in the country despite the abundance of resources of the country is endowed. Cummings said “A strong Liberian #economy means a #safe Liberian society”

The Liberian economy has been on the decline for some time now and has seriously affected the purchasing power of the citizens while the prices of basic goods and services have been rising uncontrollably. The problem has been exacerbated further with companies folding up and driving the unemployment level upwards. Cummings is of the fervent understanding that the lack of jobs among the citizens, especially the huge youth population has in no small way contributed to rising crimes and insecurity in the country.

In some of his public outings in recent times, Cummings has identified the rising crime rate in the country has to go with the unchecked upward movement of the unemployment profile in the country especially among the youths in the country and strongly believe that fixing the economy will serve as a catalyst to make the country to ensuring that peace and security will be guaranteed. 

Since his entry in politics, Cummings has taken his message for national renewal in the governance system and emphasized on the mantra that Liberians cannot continue to be doing the same thing over and over and expect the same result. For him, the same way Liberians engage and practice politics over the years have to change if the country must move forward.

Cummings is in the race for the second time and from all indications he has gone beyond where he stopped in 2017 when he debuted on the political scene.

Mr. Cummings who is a businessman, politician and philanthropist is the founder and Chairman of Cummings Investments Holdings, Ltd, Chairman of the Cummings Africa Foundation and currently the political leader and standard-bearer of the ANC. He has a strong corporate background having worked for over 40 years in international businesses and retired from the Global brand, Coca Cola as its Chief Administrator in 2016, after a twenty-year long career with the organization.

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