Cummings Officially CPP Standard Bearer -Running Mate to be Named May 27 in “Own County”

GANTA: The much-heralded first National Convention of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) ended today, May 13, 2023 in Gompa (Ganta) City, Nimba County where delegates from constituent political parties unanimously voted Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as the man who will lead them to victory at the October 10, 2023 presidential and general elections. But as was widely speculated that the CPP Standard Bearer would seize the moment to name his running mate during the Convention, it was moved, seconded, amended and again seconded that the unveiling Cummings’ running mate would be done in two weeks’ time, in the person’s county of origin. The Analyst’s Managing Editor Stanley Seakor reports from Ganta, Nimba County.

Officially declaring the voting process open, Convention Presiding Chair Musa Hassan Bility, who is also National Chairman of the CPP and the Liberty Party, called on the delegates to move and nominate their choice for the CPP standard bearer position, at which time Mr. Fubbi Henries, on behalf of the Alternative National Congress delegation and the CPP Executive Committee members, nominated Mr. Cummings, an endorsement that was met with wide acclaim, without any negative response.

Officially announcing the people’s choice, presiding officer Bility recounted the onerous task that lied ahead when Mr. Cummings finally takes over the mantle of leadership in a broken economy and ruined country.

“It is a huge task to fix a broken economy, a broken country. But for a man who has not only succeeded in his own life’s journey, I am pleased as presiding officer of this great convention to announce, by the power, extreme power, exclusive power extended me as Chairman of the CPP, to announce that by unanimous vote, this party has decided on behalf of the people of this country, that the next president of the Republic of Liberia will be Alexander B. Cummings,” Bility stated enthusiastically, amidst rapturous cheers from the delegates.

Bility also used the occasion to announce to the Liberian public the CPP Platform and Manifesto, which document was placed on the floor, moved and adopted as part of the party’s guiding principle for development and progress.

The CPP Chairman said the CPP manifesto is a well-crafted document that targets four priority areas of concern, especially it relates to investing in the people. “It is heavily embedded in the belief in the private sector, roads development; and it also embedded in the development of our society through education and health care,” he said, adding, “If you want to know what Mr. Cummings will do for Liberia, this document will answer all of your questions”.

Accepting his election as Standard Bearer of the CPP, Mr. Cummings said he is well prepared for the task ahead in fixing the economy and mending the broken lives of the Liberian people. However, he said the issue of his running mate, a subject that concerns the delegates and the Liberian people, will not be done hurriedly. In his own words, there is a strategy to keep people guessing, but they should be rest assured that his running mate will be the best choice for the Liberian people.

Unveiling of Vice Standard Bearer

With regards to the unveiling of Mr. Cummings’ running mate. ANC Chairman Emeritus and member of the CPP Executive Committee Horatio Gould moved that the body mandates the CPP standard bearer to name his running mate within 21 days so as to give the opportunity for the person to be named in the county from which they hail. Although the motion was seconded by the Liberty Party chairman for Margibi County, another delegate from Grand Bassa also moved that the days be reduced from 21 to 14 days, to which ANC Chairman Emeritus Gould accepted the amendment to his motion.

The auspicious presence of Grand Bassa County legislative aspirant, Cllr. Charlyn Brumskine, at the CPP high table seemed to lend credence to news circulating in Ganta that she is the preferred choice for Cummings’ mate, a conjecture that could materialize in Buchanan on May 27.

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