Cummings Mobilizes for “We TIYAH Suffering” Rally -Outlines Rationale Behind December 17 Peaceful Rally

MONROVIA – The standard bearer of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, says Liberians have every right to turn out on December 17, 2022 to voice their dissatisfaction over the wickedness and insensitivity of the Weah Government as the citizen continue to endure the vast socio-economic hardships under the weight of bad governance.

Speaking to the citizens in an official address that was relayed by the media on Sunday, December 11, 2022, Cummings said the December 17 “We tiyah Suffering” peaceful rally is the best chance for the people to make their voice heard loud and clear.

“This rally is our chance to make our voices heard loud and clear. We will rally for all who continue to give their best, and are being repaid less than they deserve; all who struggle in the rain and under the sun, on farms, in offices, in markets or in shops; are trying to look out for their families, only to see their families crumbling every day under the weight of too heavy a burden to bear; all who need medical attention but cannot afford the high cost; all who are trying as best as they can to do the right thing, but are finding the means increasingly difficult; all whose dreams are fading despite their best efforts; all who fear the rising waves of crime and drugs in the communities; all who fear our country being turned into a transit point for drug trafficking; all who have served our country and are now abandoned by their country in retirement; young people at risk, youths filling prisons; streets and communities without hope; and all who are suffering in silence, and are doing so in increasing sense of hopelessness,” Cummings stated emphatically.

“I therefore invite all of our people to stand together, ready to confront and overcome the fear of intimidation; to be watchful and attentive in our duty to preserve our peace and democracy; to stand against demagoguery, ethnicity, tribalism, and all that which divides and affects us all and the future of our nation.

“December 17 is therefore for all Liberians, irrespective of political party, tribe, religion or gender. December 17 is for all who are going to bed hungry; all whose salaries are wickedly cut under the pretext of harmonization; all who cannot pay school fees or hospital bills; all who are jobless, and all who are increasingly despondent.

“December 17 is for Liberia. December 17 is for the people. Come to the SKD on December 17. It was the same place the Weah administration was inaugurated. It was where President Weah promised the Liberian people that his administration would change for hope. Five years later, hopelessness has blanketed the whole country, and is haunting every home and choking every Liberian family out of dignity and economic security.

“On December 17 therefore, Liberians will return to the same SKD place, not only to speak to the failures of the government, but also to remind the government of its many broken promises to the people of Liberia,” presidential hopeful Cummings averred.

Reminding the citizenry about background of the December 17 peaceful rally, Cumming said about two weeks ago, the rally organizers announced the rally to the Liberian people, and asked them to  join the proposed peaceful rally on December 17th within the outer rim of the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sport Complex, under the banner, “We tiyah suffering”.

“Immediately following that announcement, a barrage of threats of violence and intimidation against any participant of the planned rally was launched. Our own government itself put roadblocks in place that would obstruct this rally by decreeing the SKD Complex area off limits.

“We refused to back down because this is our constitutional right, the right to peacefully assemble. Today, I am happy to inform you the Liberian people that you have won; and you will win many more rounds until final victory.

“In the face of massive outpouring of support for the rally from people from all walks of life, and from every corner of our country, the government had no choice but to surrender to the will of the Liberian people. “We tiyah suffering” December 17 rally will go ahead as planned. And by its constitutional obligation, the government will and must provide security and protection for its participants.

“My fellow Liberians, it goes without saying that you continue to inspire me, and reinforce my belief that together we can and will achieve greatness for Liberia.

“For the last six years, I have made it my personal commitment to travel to all corners of Liberia and hear from the people who make up this beautiful country. From the peaceful lake of Cape Mount, to the sparkling sandy beaches of Cape Palmas; from the verdant heights of Wologizi, to the golden ridges of Grand Gedeh, what I’ve learned is the guide for every decision that I make, and every action I take.

“In the face of adversity caused by this government, you still continue to fight and do what you can for families and for your communities. I continue to be energized by this perseverance, resilience and your steadfastness.

“However, the harsh reality we all know is that doing our part is not enough. We need a government that keeps its end of the bargain. But maybe, maybe this government hasn’t done the work to know what the people across Liberia are going through; the suffering they are experiencing every day. Maybe there is a chance that this government has been living under a rock, and is completely unaware of how hard life is for Liberians.

“Finally, as we ready for December 17, today and always, may we also never forget the words of the famous American statesman and political philosopher, Benjamin Franklin: ‘Those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety’.

“If you are happy your family has enough food to eat, and your life is better off today, please do not stand by idly as your fellow Liberians suffer. Come and stand with those who have been let down by this administration, and hear for yourself why they are tired, and what they are tired of. Hopefully, then we can join together and fight for the Liberia we all deserve. Thank you, and may God continue to protect our democracy and bless Liberia,” Cummings concluded.

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