Cummings Meets US Ambassador -Says “US-Liberia Relationship Remains Invaluable”

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings met the new United States Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Michael A. McCarthy and his team yesterday at the premises of the US Embassy near Monrovia.

Although the contents of the discussion still remain sketchy, it is widely believed that the meeting dwelled on varieties of issues including the economy, elections, the Collaborating Political Parties, Liberia’s democracy, amongst others.

After the meeting, Mr. Cummings took to his official social media page with a short message that reads: “Great meeting with the new US Ambassador to Liberia, Amb. Michael A. McCarthy and his team (not pictured) today. The US-Liberia relationship remains invaluable to our democracy and development. We look forward to an ongoing relationship.”

The interaction between major political actors and the US government through its embassy near Monrovia is not new. It has over the years blossomed and is seen as a way of accentuating the special and historic relationship between the two countries.

The United States has invested a lot of money and time in the development of the country, especially in the areas of enriching our democracy and the quest to enthrone good governance and the rule of law. It is perhaps one of the reasons Mr. Cummings stated in his post that the relationship is invaluable.

Since the information of the visit was made public, political commentators from the two sides of the divide have been commenting on the development. While others are of the opinion that Mr. Cummings and his supporters should not make political capital out of it, others mostly Cummings’ supporters believe that it goes a long way in knowing how Mr. Cummings is taking the political discourse to the right quarters of stakeholders who matter most in our polity.

“Alexander Benedict Cummings remains the most charismatic personality that could transform our country from years of degradation into a Prosperous Society amongst the community of Nations,” Julius Luke in a comment under the post, while Mr. Abraham Godfavor Blamah says, “The fight to change a country like Liberia isn’t an easy task, keep engaging every major stakeholders as we strive to redeem and cleanse our motherland of bad governance.”

Another comment coming from Forkpayea Mulbah said, “The Engagements are indeed necessary,” adding “Let’s keep doing it, Hon. President in waiting,” while a Facebooker who named himself Raw Liberian asserted, “While others are setting death traps for people in Rivercess County, Mr. Cummings is up Benson Street solidifying Lib-US relationship.”

Another comment by Siaka Sesay reads, “Great. My only problem here is that you guys should work as 1. Work in the interest of the country. The most favorable Candidate should lead. No needs for undermining and desperation. Let’s go as  one  as we are described” while John Kollie “Thank Mr. ABC” saying “this is the version when your Xmas will be good you will know from the eve,” amongst others.

Conversely, Richardson Kelvinic said “Anybody can meet the ambassador;” and noted that meeting the US ambassador doesn’t mean Cummings is a Presidential material.

“Dankota is doing well in Nigeria without been desperate for the presidency, and empowering thousands of Nigerian and around Africa as well… you can’t even control little and…,” Richardson Kelvinic averred,

For Yaya Dukuly, he commented: But wait ooh!  Cummings you think that the American people will be the ones that will put you there?

He continues, “don’t engage the people – just be passing around looking for American people to help you.

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