Cummings’ Markets Tours Continue With Excitement

MONROVOA: The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings continued his tour of markets in Districts # 12, 3, 7 and 15, of Montserrado County, rallying marketers, street vendors and community dwellers to support of his “real change” agenda that will relieve Liberians of extreme suffering and poverty.
Cummings, accompanied by CPP stalwarts, visited and were taken on a guided tour of several major markets including Duala, Caldwell, and Logan Town facilities, admist huge jubilation by hundreds of marketers, and chanted slogans saying, “Cummings is the man we want.”
Market officials lamented the many difficulties and challenges facing them, including rising cost of doing business, poor sales, and the deplorable and unsanitary condition of markets.
The marketers hailed the visit of the CPP Standard Bearer and in seperate remarks pledged their unflinching support to his Presidential bid, which they hope will transform Liberia for the betterment of all citizens.
Cummings expressed gratitude for the rousing welcome and urged marketers to encourage their family members, friends and loved-ones, to not only participate and vote in the pending October 10 elections, but to elect competent, qualified and responsible leadership that will transform the life of all Liberians for the better.
Cummings assured Liberians that the CPP Government is genuinely committed and prepared to revive the ailing economy, attract direct foreign investments, and create a strong private sector aimed at massive job creation for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.
The CPP Standard said upon his ascendancy as President, he has earmarked a U$20 million loan scheme for Liberian entrepreneurs, including market women to sustain and grow their businesses.
He said the interests of Liberians will take precedence in all the CPP economic policies and assured that the Liberianization policy, which set aside certain businesses exclusively for Liberians will be strictly enforced.
The CPP Standard Bearer street-to-street, home-to-home, business-to-business and market-to-market campaign has taken him to nearly all 17 districts within Montserrado County, which according to the National Elections Commission, has the highest voting population.

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