Cummings Lays Basis for Economic Revival -Says Diaspora Liberians Key to Private Sector Growth

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings says the Liberian Diaspora can make significant contributions towards nation building through private sector development, and not necessarily to seek employment in government.

Mr. Cummings said Liberians in the diaspora have the requisite skills, talents and resources needed to create a strong private sector, by establishing businesses which are the engine for economic growth and job creation.

The CPP Standard Bearer said a CPP Government will create a diaspora fund to enable Liberians in the diaspora to return home and start businesses that will help create jobs badly needed to get Liberians back to work.  “We are consumed by this thing called ‘government’. Government is not a job creator. Government creates the enabling environment for the private sector to thrive and create jobs,” Cummings said.

Speaking at a gathering of Liberians in the United States recently, Mr. Cummings said Liberians in the diaspora, whether in Asia, the United States, Europe or elsewhere, must see it as a shared obligation and responsibility to bring back home their expertise and resources to engage in the process of nation building, with commitment to remain law abiding.

 “We will change the environment so that the rules will apply to everybody and will expect everyone to follow the rules. We will encourage Diasporans to come home, help build the private sector by going into business,” Cummings said.

Cummings assured that under a CPP Government, the rules will be enforced and that those culpable in breaking the law will be made to bear the consequences in keeping with the law.

He observed that Liberians residing in foreign countries respect the rule of law and are law abiding, but upon their return home to Liberia they tend to disregard the law, which he said will not be tolerated under a CPP Government.

Cummings said laws will be simplified, and will be applied to everyone, irrespective of status or creed; and those caught in violations will be dealt with in keeping with the law.

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  1. Jake Doe says

    Cummings, you do not and cannot have the votes. You are bad news who wants to take back our country to a rule of the few – oligarchy. Only people who are naive ignorant, and do not value democracy and especially those official values of our sacred documents and legal system will ever take you seriously. You are too dishonest, unscrupulous, incompetent and corrupt. Here you are as a liar ranting about being leader of a collaboration of opposition parties, when there is no such reality, fact or truth. A leader is one who should be popular, and people should trust and respect, even if people may not love the leader. You are not known nor are you popular; and worst nobody trust nor respect you because inter alia you lie too much, and you have a mentality which is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, ANTI-LIBERAL, AND DISGUSTINGLY OLIGARCHIC!

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