Cummings Hires International Forensic Investigators -As ANC Seeks Empirical Evaluation of ALP Allegations

It has been long now since the sanctity of the political covenant, officially known as Framework Document, entered into by then Liberia’s biggest opposition bloc, the Collaborating Political Parties (CCP), got muddied and desecrated by allegations of unlawful altering. Accusing fingers have been pointed at one of the strong pillars of the bloc, the Alternative National Congress (ANC), whose Political Leader and other executive members were singled out for allegedly  tampering with the document. As the case heats up in the Liberian judicial system, the authenticity of the allegations are placed on the prism, and it seems ANC’s Alexander Cummings, apparently distrusting local formalities in determining whether or not the document was tempered with as alleged, has reportedly hired independent international experts to come into the country to help unravel the framework document misery. The Analyst reports.

As the CPP Framework Document tampering case heats up, with the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party(UP) Joseph Nyumah Boakai appearing as state witness to provide evidence supporting party litigants ALP Standard Bearer Benoni Urey and ALP Chairman Theodore Momo’s allegation into document tampering against the Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander Cummings and others, the former Executive Vice President  and Chief Administrative Officer of  the Coca-Cola Company has hired Cherie Blair CBE QC to lead an independent and internationally- staffed forensic investigation into the document tampering allegations made by the All Liberian Party, which form the basis of ongoing criminal proceedings against Mr. Cummings and others in Liberia.

According to an ANC press release dated May 4, 2022, Mr. Cummings vigorously denies the allegations made by the ALP and its political leader and Chairman, Mr. Benoni W. Urey and Mr. Theodore Momo, that he conspired to tamper with the CPP Framework Document before or after it was filed with the National Elections Commission (“NEC”) of Liberia.

“Mr. Cummings commissioned this independent investigation to provide an objective evaluation of the claims made by the ALP and the Government of Liberia. Throughout his corporate, philanthropic, and political career, at home and abroad and his recent political engagements in Liberia, Mr. Cummings has always been committed to high standards of integrity, honesty, probity, and transparency. These allegations are an attempt to question and undermine his values.

“This investigation is a response to concerns from friends and questions from partners and colleagues, but, above all, Mr. Cummings’ desire to be thoroughly scrutinized through public, private, and all forms of investigation to prove his innocence and highest moral standing. The findings of this investigation will therefore be transparently shared with the Liberian public and his international partners,” the press release indicated, noting that, Mrs. Blair, a preeminent human rights lawyer, will lead a joint team comprising experienced experts from her international law firm, Omnia Strategy LLP, and renowned London-based investigations and intelligence firm, Alaco Limited.

Mr. Cummings has instructed Mrs. Blair to “independently, objectively, and comprehensively investigate the CPP Framework Document tampering allegations and to report her findings without fear or favor”.

“My opposition to the corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement by the administration of President George Manneh Weah is well-known. My message of real change in the direction of the country and hope for a better future is gaining momentum, as Liberians hold his failing government to account. The trumped-up and false charges are politically motivated to smear my reputation and undermine my candidacy, at home and abroad. It is also a weaponization of the courts, a waste of public resources, and a gambit to have a failed President re-elected by weakening his most formidable challenger or denying my participation in the elections. We will not permit this to happen. Liberians are ready for change, and we are ready to provide the changed leadership, with the high standards of transparency and accountability Liberia desperately needs,” Mr. Cummings vowed.

For her part, Cherie Blair CBE, QC said: “We are privileged to engage in this important truth-finding exercise, to independently assess the veracity of the allegations and get to the bottom of this sensitive issue. We are aware of the serious nature of the claims on both sides, and the ramifications of our findings not just for Liberia’s opposition but for the country’s future.”

Omnia is an international law firm founded in 2011 by Cherie Blair CBE, QC. Omnia specializes in bespoke dispute resolution and dispute prevention around the world, through its unique Law+ approach, combining legal expertise with experience across policy, business, and communications. Omnia is trusted by government, corporate and private clients to provide legal and strategic counsel on a broad spectrum of matters, including international arbitration, business and human rights, public international law and more unconventional problem-solving.

Established in 2002, Alaco is a leading business intelligence and investigations firm, based in London and operating globally on behalf of its clients on both transactional and contentious matters. In support of its clients, Alaco’s multilingual staff draws on its experience from a variety of backgrounds, such as law, government, journalism, financial services, and diplomacy.

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