Cummings Gets Mammoth Support -As Marketers, Women Groups Troop to Join ANC

The campaign for the 2023 Presidential bid of the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings, continues to attract more women auxiliaries and organizations  including market and down trodden masses nationwideWith the most recent statistics by the the National Elections Commmission (NEC) providing that  Women constitutes an estimated 50 percent of Liberia’s electorate, four women organizations including the Lofa Women United Group in Mount Barclay last month pledged their unflinching support and endorsed the Presidential bid of Mr. Cummings in 2023 last Month.

Other women groups that last month that pledged their unflinching support and endorsed the Presidential bid of Mr. Cummings in 2023 were the Successful Women Group, and the Successful Determined Women in Margibi County

Considering a combined estimated registered membership of 2,000, other three women groups from a densely populated suburb in Logan Town, Bushrod Island, on Sunday, July 31, joined women nationwide to endorse and pledge support to the Cummings Campaign for the Presidency for the 2023 contest.

At an impressive joint ceremony organized by the Women Together for Progress, the Nyannapo Foundation and Women of Vision, attended by hundreds of other well-wishers gowned the ANC Political Leader and pledged their support to his Presidential quest in the October 2023 presidential and  general elections.

The endorsement ceremony of the ANC Political Leader was also attended several other grassroots organizations in including the Friends of Patmandela in Support of Cummings 2023 Presidency

In separate statements of support, spokesperson, Madam Regina W. Gaye of the Women Together for Progress said after careful researched and profiling of Presidential Candidates in the 2023 race, they selected Mr. Cummings as the best alternative leader for his farsightedness, competence and accomplishments not only in Liberia but worldwide.

Madam Gaye spoke of the deteriorating economic conditions and the resulting effect, which has rendered most Liberians including their husbands and children jobless as well as the lacked of basic social services.

The spokesperson for Women of Vision, Madam Amelia Atta spoke of need for real change in Liberia that will better the lives of children and Orphans, who are badly affected by the worsening economic conditions and believed that only Mr. Cummings can help alleviate the extreme suffering of the Liberian people.

The Nyannapo Foundation spokesperson, Pastor Joseph Sayon spoke of the need for Liberian authorities to shift focus on tilting the soil, and expressed confidence that with a Cummings Presidency, Liberia will raise again to prosperity.

Leaders of the three Women organizations said their support and pledge of allegiance to the Presidential bid of Mr. Cummings were based on his track records and the need for a competent and qualified Liberian to restore the hopes for prosperity and the lost dignity of the country.

In accepting the statements of support, the ANC Political Leader, Mr. Cummings expressed thanks and gratitude for the warmth welcomed and reception accorded him and ANC partisans by the three women organizations.

Mr. Cummings spoke of the enormous challenges including the need for improved schools and better health care delivery service and other constraints facing the nation, and the need for Liberians to soberly reflect and choose their next President who will be up to the task to lift the vast majority of Liberians out of extreme poverty.

He said by all standards of leadership, the Weah administration has miserably failed the Liberian nation and he’s unable to find solutions to the vexing economic challenges of Liberia.

Mr. Cummings assured the hundreds of women, who he said are considered  the foundation and backbone of the nation, that he will remain committed to their struggle for economic empowerment and protection against gender based violence and rape.

He urged women in Liberia to remain  resolute in their strong desires for real and genuine change that will better their families and restore hope for prosperity and a better future for all Liberians.

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