Cummings Gets Biggest Southeastern Endorsement -As Grebos from 5 Counties Vow to Make Him President

MONROVIA – In what is being seen as a major boost to his 2023 presidential bid, Collaborating Political (CPP) Standard Bearer and Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings received one of the biggest endorsements of his political career when on Saturday, November 19, 2022 throngs of Grebo citizens hailing from River Gee, Maryland, Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties converged in Montserrado County under the banner “Grebo United For Cummings” where they massively endorsed him and pledged to ensure that he is elected as President of Liberia in 2023.

Our correspondent who covered the endorsement program said the colorful and highly traditional event was characterized by Grebo men and women attired in traditional regalia, and engaged in mock war dance. The men wore top hats, and blazers with wrappers tied around waists instead of pants; while ladies were decked in colorful African print dresses, singing Grebo songs and dancing to the delight of the many other persons who turned out to participate and witness the unprecedented program in honor of Mr. Cummings.

As early as 8 am, Clara Town, a densely populated area of District #14, Montserrado County went into frenzy for the pending big occasion, as people were seen trooping in their numbers making their way to the Clara Town Sports Pitch to engage in mock dance, singing and dancing to traditional Grebo songs.

Cummings, accompanied by his wife, Theresa, and other CPP stalwarts was met upon arrival at the entrance of Clara Town by hundreds of supporters. After engaging in a brief traditional welcome ceremony, Cummings was ushered into the community by the surging crowd, amid the display of traditional Grebo songs and cultural dances by the people.

Upon sighing Cummings and his entourage, the waiting crowd, some of whom were dressed in white T-Shirts emblazoned with the photograph of the CPP leader, broke into jubilation, dancing and chanting solidarity slogans, while dancers, mainly women, took to the floor along with Cummings, his wife and others for a while before taking his seat on a platform erected under a wide canopy to shield the people from the sun or possible rainfall.

In separate statements of solidarity, representatives of Sinoe, River Gee, Grand Kru and Maryland Counties rallied support and called for unity amongst the Grebo ethnic group in their cause to support the candidacy of Mr. Cummings in the General and Presidential elections slated for October 10, 2023.

This was followed by special statements of endorsement by the four Southeastern Counties, read and presented by Mr. Peter T. Gbarbo, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the “Grebo United for Cummings.”

The statement called on all Grebos from Maryland, Grand Kru, RiverGee, Sinoe and beyond “to cherish, support and defend the cause of their native vernacular, just as other citizens of Liberia would do.”

 The statement assured the CPP Standard Bearer that Grebos nationwide, which constitute the third largest tribe in Liberia, are ever ready, resolved and prepared to go the extra mile in working with him to revive, redeem and set Liberia on a new pedestal of genuine economic growth, development and prosperity.

“Without consultations with God that we wanted to be a Grebo tribe situated in the four counties of Liberia (Maryland, River Gee, Grand Kru, and Sinoe) and the third largest tribe in Liberia, God ordained, appointed, and established us to be born as citizens of the Republic of Liberia”. In other words, we are Grebo people in Liberia not by choice but by birth. Hence, it behooves us and is incumbent upon us to cherish, support, and defend the cause of our native vernacular. Just as other citizens of Liberia would do.

“In this vein, we like to tell the Liberian people and to assure you, Mr. Alexander B. Cumming, that we are ever ready, resolved and prepared to go the extra mile in working with you until you achieve this worthy cause to revive, redeem and set our nation on a new pedestal 0f genuine economic growth, development and prosperity.

“So as Grebo people, both in Montserrado county and from our various counties of origin, we do hereby pledge our commitment and would like to seize this glorious opportunity to deciare our ardent, unflinching and unbending support and to hereby endorse you, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, and your presidential ambition for 2023”, part of the statement said.

The group said they are not only supporting Mr. Cummings, because he is their kinsman, but because of his enviable record as a good manager and administrator, who is capable, qualified, competent and up to the task to effectively administer the affairs of Liberia.

They also lauded Cummings for his continuous generosity, with specific reference to his donations of medical supplies to various hospitals and medical centers nationwide. They assured him that they will mobilize and galvanize support to ensure he wins the Presidency in 2023.

Several other prominent citizens of Montserrado, Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Kru and River Gee Counties, including River Gee Senator Jonathan Sogbie, Mr. Kai Jerbo, a former soccer legend, Mr. Ben Chebo, Eric Giko and Mr. George Wisner made remarks, rallying support to Mr. Cummings’ Presidential bid come 2023.

The “Grebos United For Cummings” said the well-attended mass rally in honor of the CPP Standard Bearer in Clara Town on Saturday, November 19, will be conducted in all four South Eastern Counties and called on all Liberians for support to redeem Liberia from the inept leadership of President George Weah.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alexander Cummings visited a cross-section of Churches on Sunday, November 20, and made passionate pleas for them to fervently pray for the spiritual transformation of Liberia.

Mr. Cummings said while economic transformation is desperately needed to create jobs and restore basic social services, including good hospitals and schools, Churches need to also pray for Liberians to cultivate virtues of hard work, integrity, truth telling, and being law abiding in keeping with God’s commandment.

The CPP Standard Bearer, accompanied by his wife, Teresa and CPP stalwarts, visited the God Transformation Ministries, on 9th Street, Sinkor; the God’s Restoration Ministries; Jesus Evangelistic Ministries; and the World Miracle Church of God International all in New Matadi, Sinkor.

Mr. Cummings expressed gratitude for the warm welcome accorded him and delegation and for the opportunity to briefly worship with them and speak to their congregations. Pastors of the visited churches expressed satisfaction for the visits, and each offered special prayers for God’s blessings, guidance and wisdom upon the CPP Standard Bearer as he seeks the highest office in Liberia to bring about real economic transformation in the lives of the Liberian people.

The God’s Transformation Ministries is presided over by Pastor Eric Maagbenie; God’s Restoration Ministries is headed by Pastor A. Suwah Dogba; Jesus Evangelistic Ministries is pastored  by Pastor Roosevelt Seifrancy, while the World Miracle Church of God International is presided over by Apostle Emmanuel Y. Tarley.

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