Cummings Garners Huge Support in Nimba -As Nimba Women Rally for Cummings

MONROVIA – Leaving no stones unturned in its bid to seal a victory come October 10, 2023, the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and its standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings are combing Liberia’s second vote-rich region to solidify their position, with the strategic and influential group, the Patriotic Nimbaians Movement, that have over 1,000 members in Nimba County, officially endorsing Mr. Cummings’ the Presidential over the weekend.

The impressive endorsement ceremony, attended by hundreds of CPP partisans and supporters, was held in Tappita, on Friday, March 3, at the end of a four-day visit by the CPP Standard Bearer to several towns and districts in Nimba County.

Previously called the Patriotic Nimbaians Movement for Boakai (PANIMBO), which supported former Vice President Joseph Boakai in 2017, the Patriotic Nimbaians Movement switched allegiance to the CPP, pledging its unflinching support and loyalty to Mr. Cummings’ presidential bid comes October 10. PANIMCU has strongholds and active membership spread in three counties including Montserrado, Grand Gedeh and Gbarpolu.

In a statement of support and allegiance to the CPP Standard Bearer, PANIMCU Chairman Tony Gonyor said the group parted ways with Mr. Boakai due to policy differences, followed by careful evaluation of the two primary presidential contenders.

Flanked by PANIMCU executives, Mr. Gonyor said the decision was based on the energetic capacity of Mr. Cummings and his enviable corporate record of achievements, which makes him the best competent candidate to redeem Liberia.

The group reaffirmed its sincere commitment to mobilizing and rallying the support of Liberians throughout Nimba, Montserrado, Grand Gedeh and Gbarpolu Counties for the successful election of Mr. Cummings as the next President of Liberia.

Accepting the endorsement, Mr. Alexander Cummings expressed gratitude to members and executives of PANIMCU for preferring him as their best Presidential candidate. Cummings said he is proud and has been inspired by PANIMCU endorsement to work harder. He further assured Liberians that upon his election as President, he will work assiduously to transform the deplorable living conditions of Liberians.

The CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his commitment to restoring basic social services, revival of the ailing economy. He promised to create jobs as well as pay civil servants better salaries.

Mr. Cummings however cautioned Liberians that to achieve these targeted goals, to transform Nimba and the country, will require hard work, sacrifice, discipline and dedication to duty.

He said Liberians including public officials will have to break away from the past, live by the rules, obey the laws; warning that there will be consequences for violations.

Cummings vowed to lead by example and that all Liberians irrespective of political, religious and tribal affiliations will have equal rights and access to jobs and opportunities in government.

The CPP Standard Bearer said within his first hundred days, he will allocate special funds for private sector development, mainly to help Liberians sustain and grow their businesses.

Earlier, the CPP National Campaign Chairman, Mr. Lewis Brown lauded PANIMCU for its preferred choice of Mr. Cummings as the best and most competent to be the next President of Liberia.

Brown bragged of Mr. Cummings energetic capacity and enviable world achievement as compared to President George Weah who has miserably failed due to incompetence; and Mr. Boakai, who is aging without any legacy after 40 years in government services.

He said it will be a big shame for Liberians to allow themselves to be fooled the second time by Weah to re-elect him, in the face of worsening economic conditions, using ill-gotten wealth.

The CPP National Campaign Chairman expressed optimism that with the massive support in Nimba, backed by PANIMCU, the CPP is certain to win Nimba County and eventually the Presidential election comes October 10.

Mr. Brown urged Liberians to unite and mobilize against the re-election of Mr. Weah, considered the worst corrupt and unfit President ever in Liberian history.

He said President Weah has made Liberia a laughing stock in the world, due to his lack of knowledge and understanding of leadership; therefore, he must be made a one-term President.

Nimba Women Throw in their hats

Meanwhile, a combination of women groups with membership of over 6,000 women in Tappita, Nimba County have pledged to support the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

The women groups, including Tappita District Widow Association, Agriculture Women, Disabled Women, Village Saving Loans, Marketing Association, Tappita Women Movement, Young Girls Association, and Cookshop Women, held a special encounter with the Standard Bearer in Tappita on Thursday, March 2.

Spokespersons for the various women groups lamented over the difficult economic challenges and suffering that the citizens, especially the elderly, are enduring. 

The Agriculture women said after nearly 12 months of farming, getting their products to market or finding buyers, pose difficult challenges, to the extent that most of their products are left to spoil.

The Tappita District Widows and Disabled Women complained of extreme suffering and poverty. They lamented that they have suffered years of neglect, and are only surviving by the mercy of God.

The women spoke of the strong desires for change in their agonizing conditions and view the CPP Standard Bearer as the best alternative for national leadership in Liberia.

In separate statements, the women promised to mobilize women in their various sectors of control, for the election of Mr. Cummings as the next President of Liberia come October 10.

Cummings, accompanied by the CPP National Campaign Chairman Lewis Brown and CPP National Chairman Musah Bility arrived in Nimba County on a four-day visit to several towns and cities rallying support and urging citizens to register and vote in the pending General and Presidential Elections slated for October 10 this year.

The team has held several town hall meetings, met and held discussions with several interest and civil society groups as well as held consultations with key political actors in Sokopa, Gbahn, Ganta, Saclepea, Zoulay, Tappiata and Gbi Camp One Township in Nimba County.

Several other political associations, Interest groups, District and County officials and key political actors have paid courtesy visits to the CPP Standard Bearer in Tappita, Nimba County, with promise of support to his presidential bid.

Mr. Cummings, accompanied by his wife Teresa, expressed gratitude to the women groups for their pledges of support to his Presidential bid.

He urged the women to encourage all their followers, supporters, friends and family members to register during the Voters Registration exercise which kicks off March 20.

Cummings said with the massive support of the women and other Liberians desirous of change, he will work hard, upon assuming the Presidency to alleviate the massive suffering and extreme poverty.

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